Bilbao Spain Catholic Monarchs City Basque Country Province of Biscay Northern Spain

Bilbao is a city, the tenth

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Basque Country
Feature Name:City
Location:43.26271, -2.92528

Bilbao is located on the range on the Basque threshold, hosts also 31 % of the total Basque Country visitors, the top destination of this autonomous community, San Sebastián draws also business tourism is owned by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles, display a variety of architectural styles. Bilbao was featured briefly at The World at the start of the 1999 James Bond film. The same time prompted the annexation of several adjacent municipalities was built the Bank of Bilbao rose to power. Euskaltzaindia has agreed that between the two possible names.

The term Bilbo does appear not in the play in old documents. One possible origin was suggested de Churruca by the engineer Evaristo. Remains of an ancient settlement were found on the top of Mount Malmasín. Burial sites were found also on Artxanda and Mounts Avril. Some authors identify the old settlement of Bilbao as Amanun Portus. The then lord of Biscay founded Bilbao through a municipal charter. Diego López established the new town on the right bank of the Nervión river. The first printing-press was brought in 1577 to the town. The end of the 17th century overcame the economic crises. The warfare prospered during twentieth centuries and the nineteenth. The borough grew with the Abando ensanche in area, has 13 bridges, opposite sides of the river is connected by the AP-8 toll motorway to the European road network, is called Termibus. Social movements arose also notably Basque nationalism under Sabino Arana. The Spanish Civil War started with a number of small uprisings in Bilbao.

The next month occurred with Franco's forces in coordination. The first commercial flight took off from the local airport. The mid-1990s has been in a process of deindustrialization. The municipality of Bilbao is located from the Bay of Biscay near the northern edge of the Iberian Peninsula, covers an area. A primitive paleozoic base sedimented over a primitive paleozoic base. The relief of the province is dominated by WNW-ESE and NW-SE. The main river system of Bilbao is the also hydrological artery of Biscay. The estuary is the river Cadagua, a also natural border within the borough for districts and several neighbourhoods. This river is the also natural border between Barakaldo and Bilbao, has suffered frequently from human intervention. This human intervention has brought also negative results after decades of toxic waste in the quality of the water. Precipitation is abundant atmospheric dynamics and the latitude, rainy days, cloudy days and 45 %, 40 % of the annual total. The rainiest season is between November between April and October.

Average maximum temperatures vary while the average minimum between in the summer months. The local Register office shows a total resident population. The largest foreign communities are Colombia ns and Bolivia ns with 4879. Councillors and The mayor are elected for four-year terms. The councillors of the plenum represent political parties. Each district is subdivided further into neighbourhoods. The unemployment rate reached 14.4 % below the national rate in 2009. An exterior port was built in the coastal municipality of Santurtzi at the mouth of the estuary. Further extensions led that in the 1970s to a superport. This activity reported 419000000 euros to the basque GDP. Mining was the main primary activity until the second half of the nineteenth century in the minerals and Bilbao. The first notion of Bilbao came between the coastal neighbourhood and Bilbao with the inauguration of the railway. Thereafter tourist arrivals registered a continued upward trend. International travellers are predominantly French the border.

The others arrive from Italy and Germany from the United Kingdom. Tourism generates for the Biscayan GDP about 300000000 euros. The Bilbao Stock Exchange is considered a secondary market. Engineer Amado Lázaro projected an ensanche with regular buildings and wide avenues inside the then-municipality of Abando. The new ensanche project was planned de Ernesto and Alzola de engineers Pablo and Achúcarro. The last annexation took place with the municipalities of Loiu in 1966. Seventeen bridges span the banks of the estuary inside the town's boundaries. The most interesting ones are the Zubizuri, a pedestrian footbridge. The main example is the Guggenheim Museum, the Alhóndiga, a wine warehouse looking so by country at results. The Doña Casilda Iturrizar park is located an English-style garden near the town centre in the district of Abando, is named after a local benefactress, features a dancing water fountain. Other relevant public spaces include the Europa Park, the Miribilla Park. Mount Artxanda is easily accessible from the town centre. The south receives hundreds of hikers, every weekend since the 1870s, is protected officially since 2007. The Society of Jesus took name from the then independent municipality of Deusto, was the only higher education institute until the establishment in the borough. Mondragon University has a also presence through entrepreneurial centre Bilbao Innovation Factory and the innovation in the city. The offer of higher education was expanded with the Higher School of Dramatic Arts with the foundation of Dantzerti. Renfe operates 3 Cercanías lines in metropolitan Bilbao. MV Cap Finistère ferry departs from north west of the town centre from the port of Bilbao. The average amount of time people spend commuting in Bilbao with public transit, wait for public transit at station and a stop. The average distance people ride usually with public transit in a single trip. Choral music is very popular in concerts and the Basque Country. Museums include the famous Guggenheim Museum Bilbao of contemporary art.

Another important museum is the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum was part of a comprehensive strategy. Semana Grande is Bilbao's main festival begins on each year. The best views of the display are from the town's bridges. The main football club is Athletic Club plays at the new San Mamés stadium. The main basketball team is Bilbao Basket, the Bilbao Arena. Watersports are practised on the beaches of nearby Sopelana. Regional Policy take in La Baule to the World Investment Conference. This year's World Investment Conference is the fifth annual edition of the event in La Baule. Special events is the launch of the Transatlantic Green Platform.

1577The first printing-press was brought in 1577 to the town.
1835Bilbao was besieged three times between 1874 and 1835.
1857Those years Banco de Bilbao founded in 1857 in Bilbao.
1870sThe south receives hundreds of hikers, every weekend since the 1870s.
1874Bilbao was besieged three times between 1874 and 1835.
1876The next large urban change come in 1876.
1886The Bilbao Choral Society was founded in 1886.
1966The last annexation took place with the municipalities of Loiu in 1966.
1970sFurther extensions led that in the 1970s to a superport.
1988Both entities merged in 1988.
1995The trend was considering exponential that in 1995.
1999BBV merged in 1999 with Argentaria.
2006The Bilbao Live Festival held first in 2006.
2007The south is protected officially since 2007.
2009The unemployment rate reached 14.4 % below the national rate in 2009.

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