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Bertha Phillpotts was an English scholar

Home won in the University of Cambridge a Pfeiffer Scholarship to Girton College, graduated with First Class honours in 1901, obtained then a Pfeiffer Studentship. The British Legation was honoured for 1918 in the Order of the British Empire list. The story was retold later by Marion Delf-Smith from memory. The Dean replied in fluent English, entered then a large room had comments and many questions on a great range of subjects. The only other amenity was in the presence of hard ship, managed with some appearance of success.

The Managers of the Dame Bertha Phillpotts Memorial Fund give notice for scholarships that applications, be accompanied by research. Bertha Surtees Phillpotts was born in the daughter of James Surtees Phillpotts in Bedford, was educated at home, spent a fourth year at Girton, stayed at Girton. Bertha Surtees Phillpotts went then as the first Lady Carlisle Research Fellow to Oxford. History and Scandinavian languages held the degrees of MA died in 1932.

YearBertha Phillpotts
1901Home graduated with First Class honours in 1901.
1918The British Legation was honoured for 1918 in the Order of the British Empire list.
1919Bertha Phillpotts was awarded an honorary Doctorate by Dublin by Trinity College.
1921Bertha Phillpotts was Principal of Westfield College until 1921 from 1919.
1922Bertha Phillpotts became the Mistress of Girton College in 1922.
1925Bertha Phillpotts held this post until 1925.
1932History and Scandinavian languages died in 1932.

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