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Benjamin Mako Hill is a free software activist, author and hacker

Hill has worked as a consultant for several years. The MIT Center has worked for the One Laptop as contractor and an advisor, is a speaker for the GNU Project. Magazines and academic books is the author of the Free Software Project Management HOWTO, the canonical document has studied also the sociology of community involvement in web communities. One project is an award-winning voting tool was a fellow for Society and Internet at the Harvard Berkman Center, serves on the advisory council of the Open Knowledge Foundation on the advisory board of the Wikimedia Foundation, was founding member of the Ubuntu Community Council in 2009.

A name associated usually with the unrestricted exchange of digital media. Richard Stallman founded the free software movement in 1983, has been the GNU project's leader. Andrew was a long time volunteer at the FSF, was hired recently at the FSF as a web developer, is interested in the question and machine learning. Donald joined the FSF as the Copyright Administrator in 2008, is was the previously managing editor of the New England Law Review, An Open Definition. Matt Lavallee joined the FSF in 2016 07 as Operations Assistant, mails orders from the FSF shop, is a former bookkeeper, radio DJ and cheesemonger. Ruben started career, free software has been collaborating since 2008 with the FSF tech team, likes paragliding and dogs. Molly's duties include maintaining the FSF's campaigns, the world is interested in many things. Gerald has been involved at MIT in artificial intelligence research, co-authored Interpretation and Structure is a fellow of numerous institutions, the American Association.

Geoffrey is an independent software contractor holds a BA from Harvard University in Economics. Henry Poole is an internet strategist in information technology with three decades's experience, has presented in Europe at conferences, co-founded CivicActions, a grassroots campaign technology, firm. The Department of Communication is a also faculty affiliate, the author of several best-selling technical books for Society and Internet at the Berkman Center. Bradley M. Kuhn is the Distinguished Technologist, a supporter of the free software movement at editor-in-chief and Software Freedom Conservancy. Kuhn began work as a volunteer in the software freedom movement, was appointed President of Conservancy in 2006 04, holds a summa cum laude B.S. from Loyola University in Computer Science, received an O'Reilly Open Source Award in recognition. Kuhn spent five years has concluded service for the Software Freedom Law Center as the Chief Technology Officer, serves now as president of the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Kat Walsh is a copyright, technology lawyer and internet policy was most recently at Creative Commons. Kat came through free culture to the free software community, holds a J.D. from George Mason University School of Law, get often requests for speakers. Advocate and An early Wikipedian is also on the board of the Foundation. Speakers are listed by last name in alphabetical order. Lo got involved first in 1987 in free software, is a now senior developer does also volunteer work for free software organizations. Nagarjuna G. is maintainer and an author holds a faculty position, M.Sc for Science Education at Homi Bhabha Centre. Ricardo Galli is an advocate of free software holds a PhD in Computer Science, has more than 40 scientific papers, has been teaching Operating System subjects. Ricardo Galli has released several Free Software programs include Small Worlds graphs, the impact of free software on ethics and the regional economy. Georg C. F. Greve is a Physicist in the areas of medical science with experience.

Example activities are authorship of the monthly GNU forum is president and also initiator. Peter is the Program Chair was a Caldera CD in 1999, has been leading proponent of Free Software at ADMC. This experience has given a profound appreciation in auto-configuration of X-Windows for the recent advances. Federico Heinz is free software advocate living and a latin-american programmer, a co-founder of La Fundación Vía Libre, a non-profit organization in Argentina, has helped legislators. Kefah Issa is in the Arab World an advocate and an activist to free software, got extensive experience. John Sullivan is the currently Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation. The goal of Debian-NP is a complete system for all common tasks. SPI handles every Debian developer and &8217; Debian s money. Example are the GNOME Foundation, Plone Foundation and KDE Foundation. OFTC members including SPI secretary David Graham has put a huge amount of effort in the past several months into SPI. A number of reasons think hiring the bookkeeping service, a good first step &8217; m.

YearBenjamin Mako Hill
1964Gerald has been involved at MIT in artificial intelligence research.
1974Stallman graduated in 1974 from Harvard.
1983Richard Stallman founded the free software movement in 1983.
1987Lo got involved first in 1987 in free software.
1992Kuhn began work as a volunteer in the software freedom movement.
1999Peter was a Caldera CD in 1999.
2000Kuhn began work as a volunteer in the software freedom movement.
2005Debian-NP fell dormant in 2005.
2008Ruben has been collaborating since 2008 with the FSF tech team.
2009One project was founding member of the Ubuntu Community Council in 2009.

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