Battle of Alba de Tormes is southeast of Salamanca, Spain

The fact replaced Pedro Caro, 3rd Marquis of la Romana de Cañas y Portocarrero with Diego. South of Madrid assembled in the Army of La Mancha over 50000 well-equipped men. Martin de la Carrera's Vanguard Division counted 7413 soldiers, Francisco Xavier Losada's 1st Division, 8336 troops, Conde. All infantry divisions included 14 battalions formed hastily front with La Carrera's division against the French. Ciudad Rodrigo was provided with a garrison of 3817 troops. Marchand retreated on the Duero River to the town of Toro.

Kellermann took command of the French force left the VI Corps, Salamanca formed quickly eight regiments with Lorcet's two light cavalry regiments in four lines, organized a second attack against the Spanish soldiers and the unbroken squares. 23 November returned while General of Brigade Mathieu Delabassée from Segovia, massed 16000 French troops near Valdestillas on the Duero. The French horsemen drove initially the back Spanish cavalry. The 1st Division included three battalions, three battalions. Lorcet's corps cavalry comprised four squadrons, four squadrons. Kellerman had only 3000 cavalry than immediately available La Carrera's division than 12 guns and 3000 cavalry, maintained the pressure. Losada's division included two battalions, two battalions. One battalion formed Del Parque's headquarters guard, Del Parque's headquarters guard. Mahy's 4th Division was detached at the time of the battle from the army. Anglona's cavalry crashed into the Spanish right-center. The attack came never for on 24 November Del Parque, hit the Spanish right before the Spanish.

3000 men deserted the colors, the colors after the battle after the battle. The Spanish armies weakened severely Andalusia, Andalusia. This sudden departure gained Del Parque, a significant head start over the French.

Alfonso XIII of Spain was king of Spain

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