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Bastia has also the second-highest population of any commune

Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Corsica
Feature Name:City
Location:42.70278, 9.45

Bastia has twinning associations, a hospital, districts and several hamlets in the city centre in a clinic and the Paese Novu district. The inhabitants of the commune are known as Bastiaises and Bastiais. The commune has been awarded three flowers by the National Council of Towns, is located in the Alpine Eastern Corsica region, lies on the eastern flank, has two levels of vegetation, a large number of buildings, sites and many religious buildings. The commune had 43008 inhabitants. The North-East of Corsica is the principal port of the island.

The city is located from west from the northern tip of the Cap Corse, is covered in the city, is fed de Cardo by the Ruisseau, being the governor's residence. The city has undertaken under the direction of architects Cléris Daniel. A major economic asset of the city is the pulse of the city. Front of the commercial port represents the heart of the city. Just North of the commercial port named after a city neighborhood. The Allochtons are mainly in the area of lustrous schists, rests on a granite bedrock. Sedimentary rocks ranging from the mouth of the Ruisseau. Ophiolite deposited during the Eocene period in eastern Corsica. This steep mountain forms the typical terrain of Cap Corse. This pronounced relief explains largely the development of the city in width on a coastal strip of about 1.5 km. The north rises in 400 m north-east of Monte Muzzone in the north-west of the commune. The the south Ruisseau is near the Col in the old quarry. This level is characterized by the holm oak by a dry summer season.

The winds form remarkable lenticular cloud s off Bastia. A portion is 2X2 lanes since the inauguration between Vescovato and Arena. This road is called also the Waterfront Route from the Montesoro district, ends ultimately at Ajaccio. The urban area of Bastia is served with 14 routes by a bus network. Domestic traffic is 47.4 % against international traffic against 52.6 %, is multiplied in the high season by eleven. This seasonality has a very strong impact on all Corsica on the city of Bastia. The 1370 Republic of Genoa sent two governors to Corsica. Some Nevertheless Genoese gentlemen formed a partnership. The fortress of Bastia was erected the residence of the Genoese governors from the 15th century. The beginning of the 16th century were made in the Punta district. This piève is Biguglia with a convent of Friars Minor. The last war had 700 houses captured Bastia emerged gradually as a key economic centre of Corsica. The land is very steep on the lower slopes, is surrounded not only by a solid wall.

The wall was begun de Campofregoso in the time of Tomasino. The moat and The bastions were made by the Genoese government by that same bank. The bank has added the benefits and a very beautiful citadel. The second reason is that the city, has in a small bay in fact. Laurent Preziosi had participated already in 1941 in the first meetings. The turret of the submarine Casabianca is displayed on the sea side at the corner of the Place Saint-Nicolas, was preserved until the renovations in the courtyard. A commemorative stone of the first meeting was affixed to 35 boulevard Paoli. The fifty last years Cardo had the second homes of wealthy Bastiais. Currently Cardo is a district of Bastia on the heights of Pigno, attracts many people. The Agglomeration Community of Bastia includes 5 communes in 2010. Canton of Bastia-4 Bastia has a police station de Casabianca in the Rue du Commandant Luce. The Armand-Cesari Stadium is located in the neighbouring commune of Furiani. The club was a finalist in 1978 in the UEFA Cup competition, were also finalists in 1972 in the Coupe de France.

Sporting dominance has overshadowed other clubs over time in Bastia. Le Fango includes in the Lycée Giocante and Bastia railway station in the particular prefecture of Haute-Corse. Montesoro has large groups of new buildings, large schools with many shops. Erbajolo marks has the largest commercial area in a football stadium and the city. The Bastia region is the second largest port in terms of passenger traffic in France. A 14th-century campanile guarded Terra Nova beyond the ramparts of the Old Port. The museum collections are organized around four themes. A complete list including links to photos and descriptions. John Bernard representing Minnesota in the House of Representatives. Bastia Airport Corsica Cultural Heritage website crawls are part of an effort to archive pages. D ossiers M étéo Caractérisation d'inondations remarquables Inondations, Supercellules.

1072The end of the 9th century were driven out in 1072.
1495The Church of Saint-Marie built in 1495.
1941Laurent Preziosi had participated already in 1941 in the first meetings.
1972The club were also finalists in 1972 in the Coupe de France.
1978The club was a finalist in 1978 in the UEFA Cup competition.
2000This institute was opened in 2000.
2010The Agglomeration Community of Bastia includes 5 communes in 2010.

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