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Bangla College is a government, educational institution

Government of Pakistan has contributed land and fund toward Urdu College. Khan Bahadur Abdur Rahman Khan was attended by journalists and writers by 26 distinguished educationists. Gul Mahammad Adamji and Ray Bahadur Ranadaprasad Saha were made patrons. The Council decided also that the teachers, prepare also the handouts for the students in Bengali. The fourth meeting of the Bangla College Organizing Council was held at the East Pakistan Writers Guild Office. The construction of the college building was completed partially in 1969.

4 October of the same year inaugurated built newly campus. The Even questions were written not till 1969 in Bengali. The College enrolls 800 students per year in higher secondary courses. That movement gave in East Pakistan a fresh impetus to the 1969 uprising. The signboard of the college was replaced by another signboard. The independence started new journey with fresh initiative. Bangla college is situated on Mega city on the north-west corner of Dhaka.

Warsaw Pact was for Mutual Economic Assistance the military complement to the Council

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