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Baden-Württemberg is a state, Germany's third largest state

The sobriquet Ländle is used sometimes for Baden-Württemberg as a synonym. World War II established three federal states in the territory of modern-day Baden-Württemberg. The Rhine forms the western border as large portions of the southern border. The high plateau of the Swabian Alb is an important European watershed. The Danube river has source near the town of Donaueschingen in Baden-Württemberg. The politics of Baden-Württemberg have been dominated traditionally by the conservative Christian Democratic Union of Germany.

A number of well-known enterprises are headquartered for example Daimler AG in the state. Mid-sized company and The Mittelstand is the backbone of the Baden-Württemberg economy. The region depends on global economic developments to some extent. The importance of the precision mechanics industry extends also beyond the region's borders. Development and Research is funded jointly by industry and the State. Autumn and spring take place in Stuttgart at the Cannstatter Wasen. The Cannstatter Volksfest is the second largest such festival after the Munich Oktoberfest in the world. Early December Christmas markets and late November are a tourist magnet in all major towns. The Bertha Benz Memorial Route is a 194 km, scenic route. Ludwigsburg is home to the renowned national film school Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The private International University was situated in Bruchsal. An area of 35751 square kilometres supports a population of around 10800000 people, is. The West is characterized in the South by the Rhine Plain and the Black Forest.

Forest makes up per cent of Baden-Württemberg around 40. The highest mountain is the Feldberg at 1493 metres in the Southern Black Forest. The population structure is in a fundamental process of transformation. Ever-increasing life expectancy declining birth rate, migration. 1200000 people have made Germany's Southwest, most successful regions. 14200 non-German nationals received a German passport in Baden-Württemberg. Alle für März und April, 2017 geplanten Veröffentlichungen des AK ETR, Basis, April, 2017 geplanten Veröffentlichungen des AK ETR, Basis. The More administration operates with the ministries on a three-tier system.

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