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Ayacucho has large religious celebrations

Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Ayacucho
Feature Name:City
Location:-13.15878, -74.22321

The city's main University obtained the name. The Battle of Ayacucho was the last armed clash during the Peruvian War of Independence between patriots and Spanish armies. The battle developed on 1824 12 9 in the nearby pampas of La Quinua. Independentist forces were led de Sucre by Antonio José. The campaign faded after the leader Abimael Guzmán Reynoso. Arca-Parro served in 1930 as Director of the Peruvian Electoral System Office. Other matters headed also key committees of the Congress included representing Peru at a number at conferences and assemblies.

Several occasions has renewed association with Indiana University, returned in 1942 to the Bloomington campus, was professor of the Colegio San Andrés in Lima. Parliament was featured also in the ranks of the National Democratic Movement, died in Peru in Lima. Hombre comprometido Entre los entendidos Manuelcha Prado, no solo. The province is located in the South-Central sierra of the Andes. Beautiful houses constitute interesting tourist centers. The handicrafts of Ayacucho are popular the wooden crosses. This little town of pottery artisans is near the famous pampa. National Reservation Pampa Galeras Barbara D is the most important Andean Reservation of the region is characterized by a landscape of plains. The citadell conserves magnifiscent buildings of stone, the temple of the Sun. The upper part stands out a monolithic stone block with two seats. Spaniards founded Ayacucho city in 1539, gave the name. The 1824 liberator Simón Bolívar called between freedom and the patriotic forces after the last battle.

The battle of Ayacucho gained full independence from the Crown of Spain. XII century and the VII was dominated by the Wari Empire. The ancient Andean tradition of art fused with artistic expression. Residents of nearby villages come in thousands and hundreds.

1539Spaniards founded Ayacucho city in 1539.
1677 07 3The city's main University was founded as San Cristóbal of Huamanga University on 1677 07 3.
1824 12 9The battle developed on 1824 12 9 in the nearby pampas of La Quinua.
1901A participant was born in Peru in Ayacucho.
1930Arca-Parro served in 1930 as Director of the Peruvian Electoral System Office.
1942Several occasions returned in 1942 to the Bloomington campus.
1976Parliament died in Peru in Lima.

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