Avro Keyboard is the first free Unicode

Discussion published the source code of windows version under 1.1 license under MPL. Users get all popular Bengali typing methods in a single software. Avro Converter supports a variety of document types conversion by OLE Automation method. Development focus has discontinued further development of Avro Converter. This forum is used also for further development and feature suggestion. Portable edition of the Avro keyboard does need not access and any installation as administrator. The size of portable edition is lower than the standard edition.

Bangladesh Election Commission used Avro for internal use. Protest and Anger have become apparent for this accusation in Bangladeshi Facebook users and Bangla blogosphere. A settlement was made in a formal meeting between Jabbar and Dr. Khan. Jabbar informed in copyright office that the trial, congratulated Dr. Khan. The traditional keyboard layout based Bangla typing in the application. These materials are provided solely for public information. Products are provided by the Consortium and third parties.

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