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Aubervilliers is a commune,

Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Île-de-France
Feature Name:City
Location:48.91667, 2.38333

The RER railway passes through the north of the commune. The commune has been awarded by the National Council of Towns, had 76087 inhabitants. The town is mentioned in 1059 in the Latinised form Albertivillare, was occupied by the English. The first part is the Germanic personal name Adalbertus in Seine-et-Marne with a hamlet. Many communes had been long a rural area is conducted annually the entire territory of these communes. 10 November took place between the Catholic army of Anne in the Plaine Saint-Denis.

The end of the 17th century was linked already closely to nascent industrialization. The Paris markets promoted Market garden ing on the Plain of Vertus. The Fort d'Aubervilliers was built in 1843, was used for the repression of the Paris Commune. 6 October began the operation of General Stores in Saint-Denis, established contacts with the OSCE. 1866 Saint-Gobain purchased a factory manufacturing, sulphuric acid from John Frédéric Boyd. 12 September began operating a Match factory at a place. The Siege of Paris took refuge at 20 Boulevard in Paris. The beginning of a 1877 tram way arrived in the city centre. 1879 owned by Mr. Jacquart, was purchased later by a boyaudier by Witt SA. The whole complex was bought by the Wanner establishment in 1921. This drama has a strong impact made a lasting impression in the French collective imagination on the representation of immigration. The Aubervilliers slum was visited two days by Prime Minister Jacques Chaban-Delmas. The 1790 municipal assembly of Aubervilliers had an oval seal.

The cantonal elections Pascal Beaudet led again the first round in the context of a record abstention rate. The Socialist candidate continued again as in 2008 in the second round. The two cantons of Aubervilliers are run now by the communists. The increase is particularly noticeable in Landy in the western canton of la Villette. This strong recovery makes for the joint construction of a school. The city has a dense network of SMEs, 25 % of employment, several specialized institutions and three private establishments. These SMEs include research laboratories as large public institutions as Saint-Gobain and Rhodia. 77 % of available jobs are today in retailing and transport in services. Industrial activities are present as lampes Aric with companies. Haie-Coq imports are manufactured cheap goods of all kinds from Chinese products. The land area of 9 hectares was urbanised in ten phases. The church is the old centre of Aubervilliers contains many items. The bell tower was erected under the facade and François I in 1541.

The Stained glass windows were blown out in the gunpowder factory by an explosion. Pedestal Organ The organ was the work of François-Henri Clicquot was restored by the organ builders Robert Chauvin in 1990. The inauguration of the restoration took place with countertenor Daniel Delarue and organist Michel Chapuis in 1990. The lycées include Lycée Polyvalent D'Alembert, Lycée d'enseignement général. Youth Sports Association of Aubervilliers is run now by Didier Bezace. The Regional Conservatory of music trains 1400 students. Opera productions are mounted regularly an important partnership. Jacques Prévert dedicated a long poem to the city, wrote also a review of the film Aubervilliers. Mano Solo sang Les Chevaux d'Aubervilliers, the top Zingaro Equestrian Theatre of Bartabas. The heroine called Ciboulette, the daughter of local market gardeners. Example was the subject of very several good articles featured an article on Germany's biggest tabloid on Bild-Zeitung and Wikipedia, sign n't away rights to technologies.

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1059The town is mentioned in 1059 in the Latinised form Albertivillare.
1541The bell tower was erected under the facade and François I in 1541.
1676Isaac La Peyrère died here in 1676.
1814The Napoleonic Wars was in 1814.
1843The Fort d'Aubervilliers was built in 1843.
1921The whole complex was bought by the Wanner establishment in 1921.
1980sWenzhou began arriving in the 1980s in Aubervilliers.
1990The inauguration of the restoration took place with countertenor Daniel Delarue and organist Michel Chapuis in 1990.
2005The feature be developed in early 2005 against a certain amount of money.
2008The Socialist candidate continued again as in 2008 in the second round.

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