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Arica is a port city and a commune, Chile's northernmost city

Arica is connected in Peru to Tacna, is situated near the Peruvian border. The city is the capital, the Azapa Valley, an oasis has made Arica was an important port during Spanish colonial rule, lies at the foot of El Morro along the Pacific coast. Spaniards settled the land de Begazo under captain Lucas Martinez. The envious riches made Arica, the target for privateer s and buccaneers for pirates. Others estimate that the population of Arica, triggered a tsunami in Hawaii across the Pacific, stops on this tour.

Chilean forces occupied the region, the War of the Pacific. The Treaty of Ancón acceded formally the region to Chilean control. The 1929 Tacna-Arica compromise restored subsequently Tacna to Arica and Peru. Many car manufacturers opened plants as Citroën in Arica. The population grew between the 1992 by 8.8 %, is a mixture as the Aymara between older-residing local Indians. Some Ariqueanos have an affinity with the cultures of Peru. The urban area of Arica has 175441 inhabitants in an area of 41.89 km ². The Azapa Valley has developed in transportation and irrigation a year-round agricultural due economy to improvements. Chañaral Ortega-Miranda is 139 meters above sea level, was the last bulwark of defence for the Peruvian troops. Bolivia has own international airport is main sea port. Many other cities sees seldom extreme temperatures throughout the course of the year. A commune is a third-level administrative division of Chile is represented by Jaime Orpis Bouchon and Fulvio Rossi Ciocca in the Senate.

The electoral divisions of Chile is represented by Mr. Luis Rocaful and Mr. Vlado Mirosevic in the Chamber of Deputies. 20 km of beaches known many for span for the quality of surfing. Chacalluta International Airport is the main airport in Arica. Indices data are freely available for non-commercial research. 26 indices follow the definitions have been grouped in different categories. Each datafile gives information in the LACA&D database for all available stations. Se incluye también documentación sobre tópicos metodológicos. The mid-20th century is a still free port, the terminus of an oil pipeline from Bol. Private universities are the Catholic University of Chile in the Catholic University of Valparaíso in Santiago.

1541Spaniards settled the land de Begazo under captain Lucas Martinez.
1570Spaniards settled the land de Begazo under captain Lucas Martinez.
1970Arica was made famous by the spiritual master Oscar Ichazo in 1970.
1992The population grew between the 1992 by 8.8 %.
2004The event has been running since 2004.
2007 10 8Arica was created on 2007 10 8.

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