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Aranjuez is located the 17th-largest city

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Madrid
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:40.0202, -3.65907

The site was designed initially de Toledo by Juan Bautista. Many significant events occurred here in Spain during the Enlightenment, gambling installation Gran Casino. This stone construction remains largely intact the M-305 service road. 1765 Carlos III orders occupied later by the Conceptionists. The 1780 4th Treaty of Aranjuez cedes Spanish territories. The mutineers made King Charles, two days and Godoy, the later court. 1833 Queen Isabella II of Spain acceded to finally Aranjuez and the throne.

The city was declared Conjunto Histórico-Artístico in 1983, was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Cultural landscape. 2001 UNESCO listed the Aranjuez Cultural landscape as a World Heritage Site. The city of Aranjuez is governed by a single municipal authority. Centro includes the royal sites, the historic town center and the bullring with shopping and central market. La Montaña has the district Hospital-Tajo, a 4-star Hotel-Barcelo with Gran-Casino with 18-hole golf-course and spa. The residents Association is known de Vecinos del Barrio as Asociación. The main pillars of the local economy are tourism and hotels. The Real Cortijo is a settlement about 6 km north of Aranjuez. The majority of the industries are located to the west of the railway station. Previous industrial activities reduced now Lever Brothers. Six main line bus routes serve the locality via Las Infantas via the bus station. Local bus services and Taxis link to the railway station. The municipality provides a free public pedal bicycle scheme.

Aranjuez railway station building is richly ornamented in the neomudéjar style, was built by the then operator Compañía, was renovated recently by RENFE. The Strawberry train is a special Steam locomotive Heritage railway service. An ancient irrigation system includes a noria waterwheel and channels. Rodrigo wrote the Concierto for orchestra and guitar de Aranjuez. The Austrian writer Peter Handke wrote the play, schönen Tage von Aranjuez. Early Music Festival Aranjuez held in about June and May. Mutiny of Aranjuez re-enactment declared a cultural event of National Tourist Interest. A fun raft-race organized by social club Gastronomy by the pirates of the Tajo.

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