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Aquitaine was a duchy and a kingdom

Aquitaine: French Region
Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:44.33333, -0.25

The early conquest of southern Gaul was feeble south of the Loire. Aquitaine passed in 1137 to France, remained English until the end of the Hundred Years, is a region. The three hundred years was ruled by links by the Kings of England. The region served for the Protestant Huguenots as a stronghold. The Huguenots called for assistance upon the English crown. The region of Aquitaine forms the most 6th populated region in France. 78000 children were learning Occitan in state schools as a second language.

Basque speakers number concentrated in the far south of the region. Bordeaux is the largest city, a port city, the capital of Aquitaine, on the Garonne River in Aquitaine. Dax The region is home to many successful sports teams. Major Surfing championships take regularly place on Aquitaine's coast. The area is also famous another famous vineyard area in many prehistoric sites and Europe. The middle band of the region following the line of the Gironde estuary, low-lying land. The west of the Gironde estuary lies the area of M doc. Les Landes is the most heavily forested area of Europe. The forests are popular with hunters and ramblers with nature lovers. Seaside resorts and the few towns is a also department. The department of Pyr n is a very attractive department, everything.

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