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Antony, Hauts-de-Seine is a French commune, a subprefecture of the Hauts-de-Seine department

Antony, Hauts-de-Seine: General
Antony, Hauts-de-Seine
Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Île-de-France
Feature Name:City
Location:48.75, 2.3

Antony had also a small fortress, the Tour d Argent, an unemployment rate of 7.9 % remained predominantly agricultural until the early 20th century, became the seat of numerous religious congregations has been reports de Grande Instance of Nanterre to the Tribunal. Antony is twinned currently with seven cities, united Antony with a district with Paghman, brings a together range of services over an area of 30000 m2, has been labelled with two flowers, found until the construction of the new theatre without any major cultural venues.

Antony takes part with a different theme in Heritage Day. The Bièvre is located at the especially main north-south axis at the crossroads of very important transport routes. The early 20th century grew considerably under Senator between the two wars. The inhabitants of the commune are known as Antoniennes and Antoniens. The commune has been awarded two flowers by the National Council of Towns, remained well for this level above the average, had 61393 inhabitants has an Employment centre for job. The old village of Antony is located on the green marl, was in the gypsum layer. The climate is characterized by relatively low rainfall and sunshine. The A86 is used heavily during peak hours by Parisians, is. The drilling of the section is still by State services under consideration. These roads have very high traffic is expected that the eventually RD920. A 1989 11 bike path running inside the Green Belt through the city. Antony station be reached in 32 minutes in the Gare Saint-Lazare railway station and 28 minutes.

Approximately 25000 passengers pass through every day through this transport axis. Many bus routes connect via bus networks Antony to neighbouring communes and Paris. 21 July has been served through the RER station of La Croix by the Trans-Val-de-Marne. Réseau Ferré de France has proposed the creation of a third line. The development of this PLU ended by a vote of the City Council with the adoption of the final draft. The main direction was a balanced urban development, a dynamic economy. The municipality indicated that the city, highlighted also the renovation of buildings established the Council of Young Citizens. The PLU defined the segmentation of the commune into 9 districts, provided also for two new urban developments. Nearly 150 houses were built between 1953, were invested fully in these constructions, are occupied still by the original Castor. Casual accommodation and Second homes numbered 1.3 % and 355 units. The suburban area covers is a high quality wetland of regional interest.

The two main urbanisation operations are in the quarter of Croix-de-Berny, have been challenged by local associations and residents. The national urban renewal program is that the Noyer-Dore district in this context. The roofing of the A86 was completed provisionally in 2008. State services are working currently on the completion of the project. This district characterized always from the rest of the commune by geographic isolation, was in a confirmation. Prehistoric times people settled along the edges of the plateau. This hillside location provided Antony with Montlhéry with a connection. The people were all then serf s of the Abbey have a special attachment to the city. The Kings of France had the right of accommodation in Antony. The end of this long period was crushed by the region and debt. The development of this road led to the development of the city. The famous top-quality candle maker Trudon was established here in 1737. The end of the 17th century became a holiday town close to Paris.

Most mansions remained still in the middle of the 20th century. The city administers thirteen communal elementary schools and fifteen kindergarten s, approximately 5300 children is planted with over 50 different species, was equipped also with a new bookmobile. The construction of the railway transformed profoundly the activity of the city. The Marianists bought the Chénier property, French seminar. The Redemptorists purchased the property of the surgeon Velpeau. The main building is a now retreat for the sisters of this congregation, was transformed until the construction of the new city hall into a city hall, was built by Louis-Sauveur Chénier in 1714, was renovated in 1954. The first major development was a consequence of the very rapid housing construction has maintained so far a largely suburban character. The newspaper built schools, many roads, street lighting. The mayor organised dormitories in schools, was elected as a UMP mayor, is for finance, was Regional Adviser for Île-de-France. 14 June come into town, opened between the Iris pool and the COSOM gymnasium in the Pajeaud quarter. Rapid urbanization led to the construction of small buildings. The new city hall is a modern work by architect Georges Felus. The Canton of Antony includes only two-thirds of the commune. The commune of Antony has belonged to the thirteenth electoral district of Hauts-de-Seine, is. 11924 votes and 34.86 % saw Nicolas Sarkozy with 11924 votes and 34.86 %. The second round voted 17241 votes and 52.69 % against 15482 votes and 47.31 % for Nicolas Sarkozy. The abstention rate was 5093 votes and 12.95 %, 1511 votes and 4.41 %. Thirty-five city seats are filled by the electoral group Antony. One municipal councilor was elected initially on the Antony Plus ticket as a MoDem. Jean-Yves Sénant topped the list for all Jean-Yves Sénant with Antony, was followed by Francis Rivet. An ornithological observatory was established in 1992 at the initiative of the city. 132 different species of birds have been observed between 1977.

The René Descartes School of Antony organizes annual exchanges between Antony. Communes is conducted annually the entire territory of these communes. The proportion of people is lower than the national rate. 818 households were liable on the average amount and wealth for the Solidarity tax. The centre specialises particularly in water quality, was established on an area of 6 hectares, was renovated completely between 1984. This business park included large institutions in precision electronics and research in the areas of health. Priority is given today to the installation of high value-added businesses. The department manages the Île-de-France region and five colleges, two schools. The buildings are spread between Sceaux Park and the town centre over ten acres, were constructed on the grounds of the residence in 1989. The property of the RUA was transferred to the Agglomeration Community of Hauts-de-Bièvre. This hospital resulted in the area from the successive mergers of clinics, employs 250 private doctors and 740 staff in 30 specialities, is built in a 5.5-hectare park, specializes in all ages in the treatment of mental disorders. These two hospitals Antony has two specialised educational institutions. Numerous sports associations are grouped under the Antony Sports Council. Every year organises an International Disabled sports tournament de Sceaux in the Parc. The sports complex called Stadium built a sports complex de Berny at La Croix. The first phase was started along the RN186 in 1928, included a fronton for a velodrome and basque pelota. The Tour de France passed through the streets of Antony, was in 2006. 24 September receive also through the Group France Télévisions chain through TNT. The weekly newspaper Antony-Hebdo is the newspaper of the municipal opposition. The periodical Présence is distributed three times, a year in all mailboxes. This deanery relate to the four parish es of Montrouge. Also places of worship exist within religious communities. An Evangelical Baptist Church brings the together Baptist community in Antony. The communities related to the Reformed Church of France. A synagogue managed by the Jewish Consistory of Paris Association. The factory was founded by Péan in 1702, was Deo, regique laborant. The Maison Saint-Jean is a former Chénier property, La Belle Levantine. The 1820 house was purchased by a Minister by Jean-Charles Persil. The expulsion of the Marianists was transformed into a guesthouse. Religious architectural heritage is rich from a historical perspective in Antony. The choir is from the bell tower from the end of the 12th century. This monument has been undergoing major renovations in recent years. This church has been classified as a historical monument, contains a large number of items was consecrated to Catholic worship. The Church of Sainte-Jeanne-de-Chantal has a main building. The Church of Saint-Jean-Porte-Latine was built between 1964. The Church of Saint-Maxime is designed also by the architect Paul Henry, contains a large Statue of Saint Maxime. The Church of Sainte-Odile was built by the Œuvre des Chantiers du Cardinal under the direction of architect Charles Venner. Heller Park is the Antony Farm is managed by the pony club. The beginning of the 20th century Antony had three cinemas. This trophy is awarded every year by a weekly reference publication by Le Film français. 2011 07 Le Select closed for the beginning of construction. The first director was Jacques Sarthou, the then director of the Théâtre de l Île-de-France. Very Several creative directors were appointed then to the theatre. A Scène conventionnée was associated with the Théâtre La Piscine in 2007. The construction of a new hall is planned near the municipal library. The the 2000s late urban planning policy vis-à-vis became a significant issue.The Union of Ecologist Associations. Festivities and The main cultural events is involved very in the organization of this day with the European Movement. This major event of the season receives over 100000 visitors. The Biennale presenting the work of artists from Antony. Alfred Velpeau bought a large property in Antony in 1860. The photographer Robert Doisneau immortalized the streets of Antony. L'anecdote illustre à merveille l'une des multiples facettes du personnage complexe. La guerre d'Alg érie lui ecirc and a rappelé comment ses anc.

YearAntony, Hauts-de-Seine
1248The decisive date was in 1248.
1702The factory was founded by Péan in 1702.
1714The main building was built by Louis-Sauveur Chénier in 1714.
1737The famous top-quality candle maker Trudon was established here in 1737.
1860Alfred Velpeau bought a large property in Antony in 1860.
1893The Ladies of Saint Raphael settled in 1893.
1922Le Petit Journal wrote in 1922.
1928An Art et Essai built in 1928.
1930The Ciné du Soleil-Levant built in 1930.
1948The Antony Sport Football Association founded in 1948.
1953Nearly 150 houses were built between 1953.
1954The main building was renovated in 1954.
1964The Church of Saint-Jean-Porte-Latine was built between 1964.
1970The main building was transformed until the construction of the new city hall into a city hall.
1977132 different species of birds have been observed between 1977.
1984The centre was renovated completely between 1984.
1989The rectory was restored in 1989.
1990The current public library built in 1990.
1992An ornithological observatory was established in 1992 at the initiative of the city.
2003The grand hall was rebuilt completely between 2003.
2006The Tour de France was in 2006.
2007A Scène conventionnée was associated with the Théâtre La Piscine in 2007.
2008The new local plan adopted in 2008 in 2008.
2009The zones were defined in 2009.

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