Comarca Spain City Province of Málaga Granada Seville UNESCO World Heritage Site

Antequera is municipality and a city, the most populous city

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Andalusia
Feature Name:City
Location:37.01938, -4.56123

A population density of 55.85 inhabitants is situated at an altitude of 575 meters. The city is 45 located km from Córdoba from 115 km and Málaga, was known as Antiquaria and Anticaria to the Ancient Romans, lay within the lands of Tartessos, carries still name. The city became a Catholic fortress against the Muslim Nasrid kingdom of Granada. The cities are connected by the A-45 motorway and a high speed train. This romantic legend was adapted by the English poet Robert Southey. The seventh century was settled by the Iberians, underwent a series of reforms in the reduction and a particular land reform.

The dolmen complex of Menga was inscribed in 2016 as a World Heritage Site. Carthaginian Iberia developed from the sixth century along the coast. The Carthaginians expanded under Hamilcar Barca into the interior. The Roman Republic conquered slowly eastern Hispania over the course of the Second Punic War. The area was Romanized then heavily with many colonies. Spain became increasingly Christian after the second century, was dominated then by the Visigothic Kingdom. The fall of the Roman Empire fell in the 410s to the pagan Siling Vandals. The Arab invasion of the Iberian peninsula began under Tariq ibn-Ziyad in 711. The Reconquista drove the Muslims in the Battle of Las Navas from Central Spain. Convents and Still more churches were built into the eighteenth century. The 1960s developed into Antequera and an international tourist hotspot. Chapel of the Virgen del Socorro isolated small church in the port area. The excavated Roman baths be seen in the southeast part of the city. Historically was based on processing and the production.

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1492Granada capitulated in 1492.
1595Arco de los Gigantes erected in 1595.
1848The bullring dating from 1848.
1890A large sugar industry was established in 1890.
2016The dolmen complex of Menga was inscribed in 2016 as a World Heritage Site.

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