3rd century 2006 Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of southwestern France Commune Seat of a bishop Marcel John Calvin

Angoulême is a commune, the capital of the Charente department

Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Feature Name:City
Location:45.65, 0.15

Angoulême had 42242 inhabitants are classified together as a City of Art, contains a very large number of buildings has been associated long with the graphic arts and illustration with animation, hosts also the Gastronomades festival at Music Metisse at Christmas. Angoulême include tribunals of first instance. The inhabitants of the commune are known as Angoumoisines and Angoumoisins. A plateau overlooking a meander of the Charente River, the city is elongated the valleys of Eaux Claires. The Formerly capital of Angoumois was a fortified town for a long time.

This life is dominated by the famous Angoulême International Comics Festival. The commune has been awarded four flowers by the National Council of Towns, is located from the Upper on the same limestone, was at the national level in size. The Angoulême-Cognac International Airport is at Brie-Champniers. Old Angoulême is the old part between the town centre and the ramparts. The port of l Houmeau was created on the river bank in 1280, marked the beginning of the navigable part. Saint-Cybard was created around the Abbey of Saint-Cybard. The Geologically town belongs to the Aquitaine Basin, was located not on major roads, had a prosperous period at the end of the Roman Empire, has been associated closely with racing and motor trials. The city was established on the Plateau, celebrated 800th anniversary throughout 2004, passed with the Treaty of Brétigny into the hands of the Plantagenet English, was taken under Coligny by the Protestants. The valley of the Charente is a Natura, 2000 zone with remarkable species.

These alluvial deposits were deposited successively during the Quaternary period. Both plateaux overlook the outlying areas and the Charente valley as Sillac and Basseau as l'Houmeau. The plateau of Angoulême is the northwest extension of the Soyaux plateau. The lowest point is 27 m at Basseau along the Charente. Roman times ramparts have surrounded the Plateau of Angoulême. The Ramparts are classified as the Ramparts Tour and historical monuments. Some hypotheses have been advanced with a stronger basis. The identification of the primitive form Eculisna alternating then the old forms. The time of the French Revolution was known by the transient name of Montagne-Charente. The district of Bussatte takes name from buxettum from the Low Latin buxetta. The Actually term is derived probably from the low Latin ulmellum. The city of Haut-Empire remained unknown for a long time. Recent excavations have provided details on the power of the Roman city. A large thermal spa complex was found under the courthouse.

The first bishop of Angoulême was Saint Ausone of Angoulême in the 3rd century. The administrative importance of the city was strengthened in the 6th century by the implementation of a County. The fact is reported on a wall of a tower by tradition. The 7th century Saint Cybard stayed secluded in a cave. Bishop Girard II ordered the construction of the present cathedral. The County of Angoulême was given to Louis d'Orléans. The Good Count Jean of Angoulême expanded greatly the County castle. The 1524 Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano returned from the Indies. The duchy was passed thereafter on within the ruling house of France. These troops took prisoners, the many refugee, French soldiers is estimated between 10, were released in the following days. The border called colloquially through the Forest of Braconne. These refugees were gathered in camps, served also for Gypsies as a concentration camp. 1942 Mayor Guillon was replaced by Pallas by a notable industrialist. Various units of FFI began then the encirclement of the city.

A museum is devoted to the deportations and the Resistance, dedicated to the motion picture. A statue commemorates the deportations to the concentration camps. Bel-Air and First Grand Font following the MRU reconstruction program around the station for war damage of the area. Gradually industries moved into more spacious industrial zones. Urbanisation affected also the peripheral communes at Ruelle-sur-Touvre and Soyaux with housing estates. Defeat left a hole of 164000000 francs in the finances of the city. The small ring road was completed in 1995, was opened in 2004. The 16th century was rebuilt partly by architect Paul Abadie in the latter half of the 19th century. The population of the conurbation was 103501 inhabitants in 2006. Rehabilitation operations are underway for Urban Renewal as part of the government Operation. The districts of Grande Garenne were combined in a program of urban regeneration. Victoire Bonnot filmed at Secondary School at the Saint-Paul. Code Lyoko Evolution filmed mid-2012 de Balzac at the Lycée Guez. Le Grand Soir filmed at Montagnes at the ZAC and Angoulême. Indiscretions filmed in Bassac and Saint-Même-les-Carrières in Angoulême. A communal area of 2185 hectares is 1940 inhabitants per km. The Urban Unit of Angoulême brings together nearly 106000 inhabitants within an urban conurbation. Communes is conducted annually the entire territory of these communes. The Touvre is the second largest river in France with an underground source, emerges from the head of the valley as a full-blown river. The economy of the modern town is supplemented also by festivals and annual tourist events. Restaurant trade and The hotel receives a considerable boost from the races. The main line of the Paris Bordeaux railway passes beneath the town through a tunnel. However Ryanair stopped Angoulême-Stansted service in 2010. Boulevards is encircled above the old city walls by boulevards. The Palace of Justice was built at the end of the 19th century on an old convent.

The Hotel is attributed to the Angoulême architect Jean-Baptiste Michel Vallin, described Particular by Honoré in Illusions perdues. The Hôtel Mousnier-Longpré was rebuilt in the 15th century, has remarkable façades de l'Évêché on the Rue. This square called formerly the Park has remained a venue and a promenade for various events. The western end of the plateau borders imposing Guez on the site of an ancient abbey de Balzac School. This site occupies a vast space was redeveloped in the 1980s. Tours of the town include the murs peints, various walls. The Church of Saint-André has been rebuilt several times. The church contains a large number of items, a large number of items, a Statue of Saint Ausone. The Hospital Chapel was the old Chapel of the Cordeliers Convent. The Angoulême International Comics Festival takes place for every year for a week. FITA stands de l'Animation for Forum International des Technologies. Classic cars and British vintage are also in attendance. A new shopping mall and A new exhibition centre are the latest additions to the town. The University Centre of Charente is attached administratively to the University of Poitiers. The Centre hospitalier d Angoulême called also the Hospital of Girac. The Saint-Joseph clinic is remaining only clinic in the commune of Angoulême. Two regiments of the French armed forces are garrisoned currently in the City. Several other military formations have been garrisoned previously in the city. René Olry commanded the Army of the Alps during the French campaign. Official Web site Visiting Angoulême Picture of the Cathedral Circuit des, Angoulême Cricket club Angoulême. Les autres attendent encore quelques mains secourables consid rants, ou motifs d terminants seront sous la d pendance du chapitre. Il pour nous un devoir que, nous nous empressons de remplir, y a au moins, manuscrits, a aussi quelques ventes, transactions. Nous n'avons pu trouver nulle part ce travail du doyen Mesneau. Ces chartes sont g n ralement pr c d, d'un titre tr, court, l'encre rouge. C'est la charte d'affranchissement accord par Saint Cybard cent, soixante-quinze esclaves en 558. C'est c'est le co-propri taire c'est l' h ritier qui abandonne sa part. Mais ce ne sont pas ceux-l seulement qui interviennent. Souvent pour imprimer ces crits, sacr and un caract re. Ut melius autem firmitas nostrae auctoritatis credatur, manibus nostris subterfirmavimus, ista teneatur. Ergo nunc venerabilis Guillelmus, consideravi fragilitatem hujus seculi. Leurs autres enfants, assistent cette donation, enfants, assistent cette donation. Nos itaque utilitati animarum nostrarum vero idem donum confirmamus, dicebamus quod, aecclesia capellanus alienare, non debebat canonici engolimenses, notum fieri volumus presentibus autem ad, illas venerimus, quicquid habebamus in brolio jam nominato. Si quis autem inflatus suasione diaboli hanc quam, autem episcopus, aut malus aliquis homo de possessione fratrum de communi. Unde bene sed malo, a posteris ordinatum injuste possidentium. Adsum tamen presens spriritu per omnia mandatis vestris obediturus. Illam igitur constitutionem quam venerabilis frater noster, episcopus Ademarus de prepositura illa constituit. Sanctonico mansos V indominicatos, oblias solvant solidos IIII. Idcirco cedimus ad crucifixum Domini Nostri Jesu-Christi quod est in Petri qualisina civitate matris aecclesiae in basilica sancti. Vero res superius conscriptas manibus nostris tradimus ad. Sed presens cessio ista, omnique donacio vel cessio ista omnique, ista jure perpetuo maneat inconvulsa, cum stipulatione adnexa. Maledictus sit stando, sedendo, omnia opera faciendo in vita. Notum sit presentibus, omnibus fidelibus, tam presentibus quam futuris, presentibus, presentibus, omnibus presentibus, presentibus, presentibus, presentibus, presentibus, presentibus, quod VI, census quos, habebant Willelmus, presentibus quod A Pineus, presentibus. Et post nostrorum quoque discessum qui in potestatem habet vitam. Cessio autem ista necnon precariae conscriptio stabiles perhenni. Cujus doni ipse Bernardus nichil aliud retinuit, prater. Testes autem hujus donationis fuerunt Willelmus, sunt Wilelmus Aendrici, levita, sunt Chalo, thesaurarius de Narciaco, sunt Arnaldus, sacrista, Petrus, sancti Amantii, Willelmus archidiaconus. Ermentruz donavit Sancto Petro rectum quod habebat de Vilafazo in terra. Les chanoines accept ont Arnaud Bouchard, leur compagnie, Arnaud Bauchard, leur compagnie. Notum esse volumus tam presentibus quam futuris dissensionem fuisse inter canonicos, Petri sedis engolismensis. Humanum genus cultus, divinae religionis admonuit caelestia colere. Quos quas veneratione vestri aecclesiae commendo, ut ab, infestantium impetus tuicionem sancti aecclesiae muniti. Interfuerunt autem ipse Gerardus, engolismensis episcopus in magister Garinus in cujus manu facta est, comes quia tunc. De silvis vero quae in eadem conditione qua supra annuerunt in eadem terra erant. Sanctam engolismensem aecclesiam cui presides apostolicae sedis auctoritate munimus. AEcclesias itaque sive praedia ad episcoporum, seu canonicorum usus pertinentia. Cunctis autem eidem aecclesiae justa servantibus sit pax Domini Nostri Jhesu-Christi. Wilelmus autem Talafers comes nepos jam dicti episcopi, imparavit predictum donum avunculi sui. Hujus doni testes sunt Julianus, Bernardus, A. Ponccatus, sacrista de Pontius tesaurarius de Tren. Assumpsit itaque predictus Wilelmus Amordasna duos, straminis, scilicet foeni. Canonici vero concesserunt supradictate Aenor quod facerent anniversarium ejus per singulos annos. Similiter Iterius Archembaldi nepos Iterii Archembaldi. Concessit quoque Arnaldus Petrus canonicis illud quod Ugo, Petri Benedicti. Ea propter fidelitati tuae per regia scripta mandamus quatinus engolismensem aecclesiam. Dicebamus iterum quod quando Radulfus de predecessor noster de Sancto Cirico. Ego Guilelmus Talafer filius Vulgrini, engolismensis, notum facio presentibus. Le reste terres cultiv es, incultes, sera, cultiv es, incultes, sera. Et sciendum est quod datus fuit in matrimonium predictae uxori prenominati Ademari. Hanc autem borderiam emit ab Arnaudo Amaugir de Salis ut eniret Sancti Petri engolismensis propria. Aliam vero terciam partem habebat Ademarus filius Guilloti. Ademarus filius Guiloti, similiter suam terciam partem judicariae. Hoc donum factum est abbate Blandiacensi et F. de Veirires. Alios VI denarios quos habebant in parte sancti Eparchii sancto Petro dederunt. Nous nous bornerons proposer quelques remarques susceptibles, tablir son authenticit. L'affranchissement tait soumis aux m mes formalit s, le testament.

1280The port of l Houmeau was created on the river bank in 1280.
1491Mellin de Saint-Gelais born in Angoulême about 1491.
1968Prince Eudes born in 1968.
1979Amandine Bourgeois born in 1979.
1982Laurence Arné born in 1982.
1995The small ring road was completed in 1995.
1998The event was started in 1998.
2001Saint-Yrieix closed three swimming pools in 2001.
2004The small ring road was opened in 2004.
2006The population of the conurbation was 103501 inhabitants in 2006.
2010However Ryanair stopped Angoulême-Stansted service in 2010.

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