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Anglet is a French commune, a spot

Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Feature Name:City
Location:43.47664, -1.51346

The sandy coast starts 200 km north de Grave at the Pointe, is punctuated by numerous seawalls. The French Basque Coast designates the part of the Aquitaine coast between the Chambre d Amour. The Adour flows between Anglet into the Atlantic Ocean. This last hypothesis was confirmed by Jean-Baptiste Orpustan. The Basque name of the commune is the Gascon name and Angelu, Anglet. The inhabitants are known in Angeluar and Gascon as Anglòi. The history of Anglet appears actually from the Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages was a already fortified city under English domination. Manex Goyhenetche was more a large rural territory than a single entity. Bayonne had then a monopoly in the whole basin of the Adour on fishing and trade. The major event of this period was the diversion of the Adour. Trade declined due to the remoteness of the river mouth. Conflicts and Rivalries continued over this sandy strip of land for rights and the jurisdiction. The issue of communal boundaries was exacerbated between the Anglet peasantry and the Bayonne bourgeoisie by the antagonism of behaviour. An image of the town is provided by the Mayor of the time. The difficulties were compounded by the wars of the Revolution. The disorders caused after the Battle of Waterloo by the Hundred Days. These troops made fighting retreat by Louis Antoine after an intervention. This property has now the last agricultural land between the Boulevard BAB and Chiberta forest, attracted the biggest names in high society of the time.

This racecourse included fifty hectares of land became the most fashionable distraction on the Basque coast. The bathing establishment was not that the company BALF until the mid 1920s. A 1928 second bathhouse was created with a saltwater pool at the House of Love, is signed Anatole Durruty. Urban planning was done without a large-scale organizational plan, was not that the agglomeration until 1972. Anglet town is the seat of two cantons, part of six intercommunal structures. The energy association is a also member of the Eurocity, Basque Bayonne. Communes is conducted annually the entire territory of these communes. Agriculture is in Anglet in particular vegetable crops. BAB2 is a shopping centre with a Carrefour hypermarket of 13000 m2 in Anglet. The Carrefour hypermarket is the largest hypermarket in Aquitaine in Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Tides and Winds was a lively review of poetry in Anglet. This movement was very popular at the beginning of the 20th century. Another type of architecture was residential no connection.

The vacation home is found between Anglet and the Biarritz golf course along the coast. These vacation homes had an architectural style, eclecticism. The architecture of the time was a milestone in the architecture of the time. William Marcel designed also the new town hall in Anglet. The Izadia Ecological Park was inaugurated in the area of la Barre in 2007 11, is an urban park of 14 hectares. This park is the reinstatement of the original species was created on the site after the floods. The Pignada is a forest of 220 hectares, 10 % of the city area. The forest is called popularly the Chiberta Forest is an urban forest, forest. Skateboarding has curb includes also three concreted hollows. The Anglet Surf Club is the biggest club with over 1200 members in France, has also many champions. Clement Duhour born in Anglet in 1912, participated in Los Angeles in the Olympic Games. José Miguel Beñaran Ordeñana born in Arrigorriaga in 1949. France was published by four generations of the cassini family, is rich in exquisite graphic art and historical cultural information.

1256The Hausquette Mill cited in 1256.
1811Elise Cestac born in 1811 in Bayonne.
1813Part of the population abandoned Anglet in 1813.
1888The concern was not that a new line until 1888.
1889Lucien Lelong born in Paris in 1889.
1912Clement Duhour born in Anglet in 1912.
1919Pierre Baldi born in 1919 in Anglet.
1924Jeanne Monteil born in 1924 in Bayonne.
1930Raoul Sangla born in 1930 in Anglet.
1932Clement Duhour participated in Los Angeles in the Olympic Games.
1940Ramuntxo Camblong born in Macaye in 1940.
1942Claire Noblia born in 1942 in Anglet.
1947Lucien Pariès born in Anglet in 1947.
1949José Miguel Beñaran Ordeñana born in Arrigorriaga in 1949.
1972Urban planning was not that the agglomeration until 1972.
2005This park was created on the site after the floods.
2011Inline hockey became champions of France in 2011.

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