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Aneto is the highest mountain, part of the Maladeta massif

These names were the toponyms took Émile Belloc's renown work. Some two miles earned subsequently the greatest interest of climbers in the early 18th century. Today has reduced the portentous mass to eleven glaciers. The Aneto-Maladeta massif sustains a total of 286 acres. The rest be defined not truly without contention as glaciers. The mountain's ascent is made usually from the Renclusa Refuge. The vast majority of the people staying at the Renclusa Refuge. The party were Albert de a Norman botanist de Franqueville, took the trail from the Hospice de France.

Natural Sciences Society and the Bordeaux Physics did publish with a graphic design of amazing quality. Spanish scientific literature did appear in the early nineteen-seventies. These first works were starting point within the framework of the ERHIN programme for the establishment of systematic controls. The only active glaciers remaining currently in the Iberian Peninsula. These glacier formations are Europe's southernmost reserve. The Directorate General of Hydraulic Works set the ERHIN programme in motion. This programme included a survey of active glaciers in the Spanish Pyrenees. A series of measurements were taken concurrently in the volume and the largest glaciers. The Spanish slope of the Pyrenees did create in thick layers of ice in the Spanish slope of the Pyrenees. The end of the Eighteenth Century depicted the glaciers in a condition. One century covered only an extension of about 600 hectares. A result of this conspicuous regression process described in the nineteen-eighties.

The Balaitús is a granitic massif at the Spanish-French border. This massif is named after the highest peaks of the range, reaches a height of 3134 metres is located at a typical example of sink-shaped glacier valley at the upper end of the Benasque valley. Two ice masses and A glacier be seen currently in the massif, known as Literota, covered some 692 ha at the close of the so-called Little Ice Age in 1894. The waters of this massif drain finally through several sub-tributaries into the river Gállego. Glacier formations include the rocky glacier of Las Argualas. Schrader did count not the Punta Zarra ice mass described four formations in this massif. The glaciated area is after the Aneto-Maladeta massif in the Pyrenees, estimated at that particular date, covers 38 hectares. The 1980 observations verified that the number of formations. The Los Gemelos glacier was classified then as a rocky glacier. The aforementioned date is a granitic massif between the Upper Garonne river basins and the Aragón, includes 16 cirques becoming thus.

The preservation of abundant remains dating to the Small Ice Age. The glacier extension has four peaks is located at the boundary of the Aigües Tortes y Estany in the Upper Ribagorza district. The Reserve covers an area, almost three times than the Park, is. Posets-Maladeta Natural Park has an extension of 33267 hectares was declared a Natural Park. Exécuté d'abord sur une faible portion de ce projet de son parcours. Les lacets continuent toujours lettres de notam de l'intendant Le Gendre au contrôleur général. D'une échancrure naturelle cet escarpement, une jolie chute d'eau. Et plusieurs fois observée du reste, le corps du malheureux garçon fut rencontré. Pendant que mes regards erraient à l'aventure d'un bout à. \ près quelques rencontres heureuses, le comte d'Estaing investit Venasque. Quelques Luchonnais sont persuadés qu'il existe une galerie souterraine conduisant directement au, fond du puits. Par un hasard providentiel dans sa chute, une saillie rocheuse. Au lieu d'employer comme l'an passé, j' avais fait provision.

Los cabalgamientos intrapirenaicos desde Pedraforca hasta Lakora. The Maladeta Massif is located in north of Huesca in valley of Benasque, write some words on the summits of Maladeta about the first mountaineers. The approach of the principal summits has the principal trailheads and different trailheads.

1842First climbed in 1842.
1860This last glacier drive came in 1860 to an end.
1894Two ice masses and A glacier covered some 692 ha at the close of the so-called Little Ice Age in 1894.
1981The survey carried out between 1981.
2000The flora diversity includes more than 2000.

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