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Andreas Gursky is professor and a German photographer

Gursky read like horizontal versions of Newman paintings. Other notable influences are the British landscape photographer John Davies. This sweeping perspective has been linked with globalization to an engagement. A 2001 retrospective is thanks to the artfulness of Gursky. The Rhine II depicts a stretch of the river Rhine represents a tendency towards abstraction in Gursky's work. Further museum exhibitions has been seen in international exhibitions. Chicago Board of Trade III sold for an auction record for 2200000 pounds.

Rsquo and an artist was the conversion of an old turbine hall into rsquo and an artist. All aspects of production are located in the adjoining two-storey wings. De Meuron and Herzog represent interior views of the production facilities. This large colour photograph depicts a stretch of the river Rhine outside Düsseldorf. Newman favoured vertical compositions in a contrasting colour with zips and straight lines. The seascapes of Gerhard Richter is detached comment on the sublime connotations.

YearAndreas Gursky
1955Gursky was born in East Germany in Leipzig.
1985Gursky exhibited first work in 1985 in Germany.
1988Gursky was held at Cologne at Schöttle and Galerie Johnen.
1995Gursky taken in 1995 near Amsterdam.
1998Gursky opened in 1998 at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

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