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American School in England is beside a bus stop in England

James Lander wrote an extensive history of the school, area. The school is divided into South Campuses and North, is inspected also by the Office by Ofsted. The nearest town is the larger adjoining town and Egham. An Ofsted inspection carried out in 2016 12 in 2016 05. 97 % of TASIS graduates were accepted either into three. Students travel for tournaments throughout Europe and England, are showcased on a Service Learning Spotlight, take Arts classes with specialist teachers throughout the year.

Organizations and 30 student-run clubs run in the Upper School. Upper School students perform two productions, every year. The Fleming Theatre offers performance spaces and rehearsal. The Visual Arts is centered with purpose-built Photography around the Fine Arts Center. Travel is an integral part of the TASIS England education. October is a month of education at TASIS England through travel. Every year organize in Europe trips to several different destinations.

Archbishop of Canterbury is principal leader and the senior bishop, a also president of Churches

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