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Alternative versions of Beast is a fictional superhero

Beast-763 is far more brutish in appearance, was revealed that this version of Beast. Marvel Zombies appears along with the other not-yet infected X-Men that Beast. The Brute's intelligence is lost again as the after-effects of Xavier. This team include Hank McCoy, a more feline version of Beast. New Excalibur battles an evil counterpart of the Beast are brought as a result of M-Day to Earth-616. Hank becomes founding member of the Ultimate X-Men, the codename Beast takes also on the role of the team, has a genius level IQ.

Hank McCoy has isolated a catalyst in a hormone extract for a mutation, turned then into a beast. The limited series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Wolverine. The X-Men's goal is killed apparently between the various time-displaced X-Men teams in the final confrontation. The conclusion of the fight are freed from Xavier II's control.

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