Act known until 1985 as Applied Computer Techniques

Act: Action, Nonaccomplishment, Leaning, Motivation, Assumption, Rejection, Forfeit, Activity, Wear, Judgment, Production, Stay, Residency, Inactivity, Hindrance, Stop, Group Action, Distribution, Legitimation, Waste, Proclamation, Communication, Speech Act, Legal Document, Decree, Legislative Act, Performance, Show-stopper, Dramatic Composition, Expression, Act Involuntarily, Fall Over Backwards, Presume, Vulgarize, Optimize, Quack, Menace, Make, Swagger, Freeze, Wanton, Romanticize, Sentimentalise, Bungle, Play, Act, Stooge, Joke, Piffle, Make, Make As If, Break Down, Dally, Backslap, Hugger Mugger, Sauce, Footle, Frivol, Swell, Follow, Relax, Ramp, Act, Serve, Criticize, Bank, Re-create, Make, Support, Enact, Act Out, Impersonate, Parody, Emote, Perform, Stooge, Mime, Overact, Underact, Simulate, Alternate, Finish Up, Rush, Interrupt, React, Go Ahead, Attack, Force, Create, Come To The Fore, Reward, Satisfice, Maneuver, Dispatch, Evade, Race, Use, Play It By Ear, Play, Deal

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