1541 Geography Town Southern Slovakia

Šahy is a town

Formation of country system comes during the reign of the King St Stephan from the beginning of the XI century. Character of a town obtained during the reign of the King Zigmund. The monastery had a great importance as a trustworthy town. College of provosts was a trustworthy place for the countries Novohradsk for the Hontianska country. The half of the 16th century had had not permanent seat. The Austrian-Hungarian settlement brought some administrative changes. The important position of districts results from the principle of these new countries.

The superior authority of country was the General Assembly. Holders of individual offices were country's dignitaries. The direct executors of verdicts were the district's officers, the head, principal. This period brought expansion and an extraordinary development in the history of town. 16 historical countries were formed 6 big countries were replaced by district chiefs by the governors and regional formation. Area of the Hontianska country belonged to the Pohronsk country. Fundamental change arises in 1989 after the Velvet revolution. The really first democratic election citizens voted for the mayor of town. Nowadays is speculating about country offices and the district about cancellation. The beginning of the third millenium ahy is a developed town.

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