A low grassy mound with an entrance at its centre framed by cyclopean stones

Wales has been subject to mediation and extensive debate

The status of Wales has been subject to mediation and extensive debate. Wales is a country, a country, a also distinct UK, electoral region of the European Union, a generally mountainous country, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Roman Catholic on the western si...
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View of the Wales Site, with the city of Wales in the background

Wales, Alaska is a city

Wales is a city in Alaska in the Nome Census Area, is named within the United Kingdom after the country Wales, is located on Cape Prince of Wales on the westernmost point of the American mainland, is served by the Bering Strait School District. Wales...
United Kingdom (GB) Administrative Division

Wales, Utah is a town

Wales is a town in Utah in Sanpete County, lies at the foot of the Sanpitch Mountains on the west side of the Sanpete Valley. The town is governed by several council members and a mayor, was spread out under 12.8 % with 34.2 %. The small mining town ...
United States (US) City
Location of Wales   in Androscoggin County and the state of Maine

Wales, Maine is a town

Wales is a town in Maine in Androscoggin County, lies 6 miles of Lewiston has now eight public schoolhouses. The population density was 81.9 people per square mile. The gender makeup of the town was 48.6 % female and 51.4 % male. Voter registration E...
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Wales, New York is a town

The town is was formed from the town of Willink in 1818, was spread out under 6.4 % with 24.9 %, has an area of thirty-six square miles. The town is situated with Aurora on the east line of Erie county, was opened with the name Wales in 1821. The tow...
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Street in Wales

Wales, North Dakota is a city

Wales is a city in North Dakota in Cavalier County, was founded in 1897. The population density was 127.3 people per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 90.3 % White, 3.2 %, 100.00 % White from two from 6.5 % and other races. The gender ma...
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Principality has country status

The Principality of Catalonia existed in the north-eastern areas of Spain. The term principality is used also sometimes generically for small sovereign states for any small monarchy. Historically have been there sovereign principalities as Countship ...
Virgin Mary, Penrhys

Penrhys is a village

Penrhys is a village in Wales in the county borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf.