Trident II missile image

UGM-133 Trident II was deployed first in 1990 03

The Trident II Strategic Weapons System is an improved SLBM, a key element of the U.S., strategic nuclear triad, U.S., strategic deterrence with range and payload with greater accuracy.
Nevada quarter dollar coin

Nevada is the highest point

Nevada is a state, Carson City, largely desert, the only U.S. state, the most mountainous state, the driest state, the third highest statewide record, high temperature of a U.S. state, the only state, 6.85 percent in Southwestern regions and Mountain West in the Western.

Fort Hood is a U.S., military post

Fort Hood is a U.S., military post, an installation of the United States Army, the largest military base, the most populous U.S., military installation, military installations in Texas in Killeen.
TommyFranks cropped

Tommy Franks is in the United States Army

Franks was the U.S., the attack, Assistant Division Commander, 1st Cavalry Division, the U.S., the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield.
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Louisiana is largest city and Baton Rouge, New Orleans

Louisiana is largest city and Baton Rouge, New Orleans, the only state, a subsidized state, a community property state, the Louisiana State Police, the only state, the nominally least populous state with political subdivisions in the U.S..

Chocolate is a good source of calcium, iron and magnesium

Chocolate is a good source of calcium, iron and magnesium, the grouping of major international chocolate companies, a popular flavour of ice cream, an acceptable gift in the U.S. and Europe to humidity and temperature.
Cathy Rigby 1974

Cathy Rigby known as Cathy Rigby

Rigby was the highest-scoring American gymnast, the U.S., national champion, a Best Actress Tony Award nominee in Mexico City at the 1968 Summer Olympics.
Rick Springfield 5-09-2014 -7

Rick Springfield was a member of the pop rock group Zoot

Richard Lewis Springthorpe was a member of the pop rock group Zoot. Springfield's two U.S. are Working Success Hasn t and Class Dog starred recently as Lucifer as Vince Vincente, was, a judge joined various bands in England. Springfield's two U.S. re...