Secretary, Maryland is a town

The population was at the 2010 census, are released throughout each year on a flow basis. The population density was 1,944.1 people per square mile. The gender makeup of the town was 51.0 % female and 49.0 % male. This information resource of the Mar...

Secretary is a person

Personal assistant and A secretary is a person known typically as an administrative assistant and personal assistant, control also access to a manager. Secretaries use also videoconferencing, other office equipment and fax handle an office's administ...
Harold Macmillan number 10 official

Harold Macmillan was statesman and a British Conservative politician

Macmillan was the last British prime minister, Third Scholar, Spencer Cavendish, 8th Duke of Devonshire, the also minister, General Keightley of V Corps, the senior Allied commander, Secretary of State, Minister of Defence, Foreign Secretary, architect and a major proponent, a member of many clubs, 322 days and 92 years, the only minister, eye on crutches at Eton College.

Edmund Burke was a Roman Catholic

A fuller treatment of the question see F. P. Lock, Edmund Burke. Burke was, a Roman Catholic, purely only philosophical work, Thoughts, no mere courtesy, no mere courtesy that the use of force in society, criticized British treatment of the American ...
St Andrews Agreement

St Andrews Agreement was an agreement

The agreement resulted in the restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly from multi-party talks, was welcomed by Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair. Key elements of the agreement included by restoration of the Northern Ireland Assembly by Sinn Féin. Nort...
Swan River Colony

Swan River Colony was a British colony

The 1832 colony was renamed the Colony of Western Australia. The Swan River area was Frederick de Houtman, indicate the Western Australian coast did not land. Three Dutch Republic ships searching also partially for the Vergulde Draeck. The Waekende B...
Irish Convention

Irish Convention was an assembly

The Irish Convention was an assembly after the 1916 rebellion a response to the dramatically altered Irish political climate. The urgent need following the German Spring Offensive, the government remember a very striking passage in a speech of the ho...
Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford by Arthur Pond

Robert Walpole was a Whig, a country squire

Explanations was a Whig, a country squire from the gentry class. Historian Frank O'Gorman says leadership in Parliament. Hoppit says Walpole's policies, moderation avoided high-intensity disputes and controversy. Dickinson sums played a significant r...
Camden Town 9

Camden Town is at above sea level on relatively flat ground

Camden Town shortened often to Camden, is at above sea level on relatively flat ground, is named after 1st Earl Camden after Charles Pratt, was styled in Kent near Chislehurst. Camden Town stands on land, became returns three Borough councillors says...
Red Clydeside

Red Clydeside is the era of political radicalism

This period lasted until the roughly early 1930s from the 1910s, has roots remains a significant landmark. An amalgamation of charismatic individuals organised socio-political forces and movements. The 11000 workers sewing machines factory in Clydeba...
Official portrait of Sir Oliver Heald crop 2

Oliver Heald is conservative politician and a British barrister

Sir Oliver Heald is Conservative politician and a British barrister. Heald was born in Berkshire in Reading, was called at the Middle Temple to the Bar, became the Chairman of the North Hertfordshire Conservative Association, the Vice-President of th...
Earl Peel

Earl Peel is a title

Jonathan Peel was a General, Secretary of State for War in Conservative politician and the Army.
President Albert Zafy

Albert Zafy is a Malagasy politician

Albert Zafy is a Malagasy politician was the President of Madagascar. Zafy stood against President Didier Ratsiraka as a presidential candidate, won the run-off election, a majority, a seat in parliamentary elections in a landslide, was born in Diana...
Bernard Williams

Bernard Williams was an English moral philosopher

Williams was a strong supporter of women, also Sather Professor of Classical Literature, an not ethical realist, the author of eleven books, a member of the British government, chairmanship of the Committee, the other side of a genuine absorption in conversation in academia.
Council of Economic Advisors.gif

Edwin Griswold Nourse was an American economist

Edwin Griswold Nourse was an American economist served between 1946. Lockport moved at the age of four months to a western suburb of Chicago, worked as a supervisor of public school music in the city. Nourse was a friend of Harold Moulton, the first ...
Max Arthur Macauliffe Portrait

Max Arthur Macauliffe known also as Max Arthur Macauliffe

Michael MacAuliffe known also as Max Arthur Macauliffe. Macauliffe converted in the 1860s to Sikhism, is held amongst Sikh communion in high esteem, was rsquo and a Queen in return in return, appeared first in articles in the Calcutta Review. Macauli...
Jewel House

Jewel House is a vault housing, the British Crown Jewels

The Jewel House is a vault housing, the British Crown Jewels at the Tower of London in the Waterloo Block, was opened in 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II, stood by the now-demolished Wardrobe Tower, was built in 1378 near the White Tower. The Jewel House o...
Somers Isles Company

Somers Isles Company was formed from the Crown with a charter

The Somers Isles Company held a royal charter until 1684 for Bermuda. The Admiral of the Company was as the ship at the helm. Somers had driven deliberately the ship returned on Patience to Bermuda. Seamen and The settlers spent ten months in Bermuda...
Bingley Grammar School

Bingley Grammar School is aided voluntary school

Bingley Grammar School is aided Voluntary school for girls and both boys, was a specialist school for Enterprise and Business. The school received media attention in 2009 09, is aware that local roads. The 2010 previous headteacher left during the Ea...
Nicholas C. Petris

Nicholas C. Petris was a California State Senator

Petris was friends and classmates, the also co-author of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act, advocate and a supporter, a co-sponsor of the McAteer-Petris Act with Secretary of State with Warren Christopher.
Alien and Sedition Acts

Alien and Sedition Acts were four bills

Sedition Acts and The Alien were four bills were appealed never to the Supreme Court, provoked a debate over freedom of speech between Federalist state legislatures and Republican. The Federalists argued that the First Amendment that the bills, spurr...
James G. Blaine - Brady-Handy

James G. Blaine was republican politician and an American statesman

James Gillespie Blaine was Republican politician and an American statesman. Blaine was, a pioneer of tariff reciprocity, greater involvement, landowner and a western Pennsylvania businessman, an effective Speaker, Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, a New Je...
Ronald Reagan, fortieth President of the United States

William J. Casey was not first choice

The Nixon Administration served then for chairman and Economic Affairs as Under Secretary of State. Campaign manager of Ronald Reagan served then on the transition team. Outgoing Director Stansfield Turner characterized the appointment. Casey's prove...
Lembit opik

Lembit Öpik was on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The 1997 general election retained the seat at the 2005 general election at the 2001 general election. The party president chairs a number of party committees, the party. The 2009 05 Daily Telegraph published details showed that in 2008. BBC Radio Ke...

George Ball diplomat was banker and an American diplomat

Ball was the liaison, the also executive director of the Volunteers, a also speechwriter, a long critic of Israeli policies, an advocate of free trade, multinational corporations, a popular speaker, speeches, For Stevenson between President Truman and Stevenson.
RFA Fort Austin  , West Float, Birkenhead

RFA Fort Austin A386 was laid down this time

Fort Austin was laid down this time in 1975 at Scott Lithgow, formed part of the COUGAR, 13 task group. The ship supported the British military intervention in the Sierra Leone Civil War, underwent modernization and a major refit in Hebburn at the A&...
RFA Fort Rosalie  , West Float, Birkenhead

RFA Fort Rosalie A385 was laid down by Scott Lithgow in 1973

Fort Rosalie was laid down by Scott Lithgow in 1973, oversaw also repairs is affiliated to Lichfield Sea Cadets and Tamworth, attended the HMNB Devonport Navy Days in 2006 08. The ship saw first war service during the Falklands War. The Caribbean mad...
Benjamin West 005

1755 in Canada is captured by the English

The Powells had been royalists and Anglicans, parliamentarians and the Dummers Presbyterians. The declaration of American independence was divided also politically John. That time William Dummer Powell had completed formal education. The Powell view ...