Hydrography is in an outgrowth of classical hydrography in part

Exploration and transoceanic trade increased hydrographic surveys. National organizations realized that distribution and systematization that the collection. The Admiralty appointed Alexander Dalrymple in 1795 as Hydrographer. A year existing charts ...
Core area of the Lower Mainland outlined

Lower Mainland is a name

The Lower Mainland is a name was spared largely along Nechako Rivers and the Skeena although northern regions of the province, includes large cities in villages and towns in smaller cities and Metro Vancouver. The term Lower Mainland has been recorde...
Westbury High School (Houston)

Westbury High School Houston is a secondary school

Westbury High School is a secondary school in Brays Oaks, opened doors for the first time, became a part of the district. That first year's class received diplomas in the Westbury High School auditorium, zoned to Westbury. Donna Harkness and Mary Bet...
Spilhaus NASA

Athelstan Spilhaus was a South Africa n

Athelstan Frederick Spilhaus was a South Africa n was born in South Africa in Cape Town, became a US citizen in 1946, graduated in 1931 from the University of Cape Town. 1936 Spilhaus joined the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, ...

Kenneth Hsu was a lecturer, honorary professor and guest

Hsu was a lecturer, honorary professor and guest, Editor, a founder of the European Geophysical Society, the convener of the Third Workshop, a convener of numerous scientific conferences, founder of several scientific societies in oceanography and climatology in geology.