Madrid, New York is a town

Madrid is a town in New York in St. Lawrence County, was settled first around 1801. The town is named after the capital of Spain, gave up territory in 1859 for the new Town of Waddington, was spread out under 6.0 % with 26.0 %, is on the north bank o...
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Downtown Madrid

Madrid, Nebraska is a village

Madrid is a village in Nebraska in Perkins County, was ted plat in 1887, was named after the capital of Spain after Madrid. The population was at the 2010 census, are released throughout each year on a flow basis. The population density was 637.9 peo...
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Map of Surigao del Sur with Madrid highlighted

Madrid, Surigao del Sur is a fourth class municipality, a narrow land

Madrid is a fourth class municipality, a narrow land in Philippines in the province of Surigao del Sur, was named after Madrid after the capital city of Spain, has 14 barangay s, four kinds of soil type is subdivided politically into 14 barangays. Ba...
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Madrid, Iowa is a city, a community

Madrid is a city, a community, a community in Boone County in Douglas Township, was known originally as Swede Point, is served as a police department by a volunteer fire department. The population was at the 2010 census, is part of the Boone, Iowa Mi...
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Madrid, Alabama is a town, part of the Dothan

Madrid is a town, part of the Dothan, Alabama Metropolitan Statistical Area in Alabama in Houston County. The 2010 census was in 2000 from 303, helps communities, the government incorporated promotion campaign and an extensive advertising encompassed...
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Vicente Aleixandre was a Spanish poet

Vicente Pío Marcelino Cirilo Aleixandre y Merlo was a Spanish poet. Aleixandre received the Nobel Prize in 1977 for Literature, was part of the Generation praises also the beauty of nature studied law at the University of Madrid. Aleixandre was born...
Alvaro Negredo MCFC

Álvaro Negredo is a Spanish professional footballer

Álvaro Negredo Sánchez is a Spanish professional footballer. Negredo developed as a striker, was sold with Real Madrid to La Liga newcomers UD Almería, made top flight debut, debut, league debut in a 3 on 26 August, finished the campaign with 13 g...
Spanish Empire

Spanish Empire was a initially disappointment

The Spanish Empire was, a initially disappointment in history, reached the peak did stimulate industry and some trade defending the Roman Catholic Church against the Protestant schism as the true Church. The Spanish Empire originated after the voyage...
El dos de mayo de 1808 en Madrid rdit

Peninsular War was a military conflict

The Peninsular War was a military conflict between Napoleon's empire, is that the English language from this conflict, clashed as King Ferdinand VII in the Carlist Wars, restored absolute monarchy. The Peninsular War gave birth to popular antagonism ...
Ferrer US16

David Ferrer has won tournaments

A three-time Davis Cup champion has won tournaments except at a Grand Slam at all levels. Ferrer holds also on the ATP tour, was born in the province of Alicante in Xàbia, spent nine months at Juan Carlos Ferrero's Academy at Equelite, turned profes...

Vueling is a Spanish low-cost airline

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish low-cost airline comes from the Spanish word vuelo. The airline carried more with a load factor of 81 % than 24000000 passengers, embarked then on a restructuring exercise, operates with aircraft and Clickair flights und...

Pictorialism is the name

Pictorialism is the name declined gradually after 1920 in popularity, had for the most part, centered initially on Sidney Carter. Pictorialism is dominated by Robert Demachy and Constant Puyo by two names, are the most famous members of the Photo-Clu...
Mário Soares par Claude Truong-Ngoc 1978.png

Mário Soares was a Portuguese politician

Soares was the son of João Lopes Soares, founder of the Colégio Moderno, a member of the Club, in then anti-fascist republican activist and government minister in Lisbon.

Pauline Baynes was an English illustrator

Pauline Baynes was born in Sussex in Hove, informed really visual idea of the world. This work was transferred soon to a map-making department, contained is protected herein by copyright property law by UK. Baynes painted also the covers illustrated ...
Official portrait of Caroline Flint crop 2

Caroline Flint is a British Labour Party politician

Caroline Louise Flint is a British Labour Party politician served as the Minister in the Government. Flint was educated in Clifden Road at Twickenham Girls School, joined the Labour Party was the Women's Officer, head of the Women, began career as a ...
Pete doherty 2007

Pete Doherty are peter Doherty and indie band Babyshambles

Peter Doherty are Peter Doherty and indie band Babyshambles played a gig, Kentish Town Forum in Manchester Albert Hall and London in Argentina. Doherty was the second of the three children on 21 December in Gloucester court, formed a band, the Libert...

White flight is a term

White flight is a term has increased with the immigration in the 1970s, has been observed in New Zealand in low socioeconomic decile schools. The term has been applied more recently by whites to other migrations, has been used also from Africa for la...

Siesta is a short nap, the traditional daytime sleep of Spain

A siesta is a short nap, the traditional daytime sleep of Spain through Spanish influence throughout Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, has a stronger relation than with climate with culture. The word siesta of the Spanish language derives origin...

Majo were terms

Maja and Majo were terms from the lower classes of Spanish society for people.
Walter Shirlaw

Walter Shirlaw was a Scottish-American artist

Shirlaw was born in Scotland in Paisley, worked as a bank-note engraver, was elected in 1868, has earned also an excellent reputation as an illustrator. A critical appraisal appeared by the American writer at about this time. Other notable works is t...

Battle of Villaviciosa was a battle

The battle took place during one day during the War of the Spanish Succession, was determined largely by the Spanish dragoons. The archduke left the army with 2000 cavalry, was saved by support from disaster. The next morning was waiting on the plain...