Top, left to right: Downtown Jacksonville, Riverplace Tower, statue in Memorial Park, Jacksonville Skyway, Florida Theatre, Prime F. Osborn III Conve

Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city, the 34th largest MSA

Jacksonville is the largest city, the 34th largest MSA, the most populous city, the 47th largest local television market, the 49th largest local radio market, also home of River City Pride, the headquarters of two significant freight railroads in the...
United States (US) City
The 1904 Onslow County Courthouse with Highway Patrol car parked on the corner of Old Bridge and Court Streets.

Jacksonville, North Carolina is a city

Jacksonville is a city in North Carolina in Onslow County, has been named the youngest city on various lists in the nation. Jacksonville city is the principal city of Onslow County. Forbes magazine ranked Jacksonville in the United States as the fift...
United States (US) City
City Hall

Jacksonville, Arkansas is a city

The city is named for a landowner for Nicholas Jackson, was spread out under 12.8 % with 29.0 %. Commercial interests including the development of the Little Rock Air Force Base in 1955. Today remain still the Arkansas Ordnance Plant Guard House. The...
United States (US) City
Location of Jacksonville, Texas

Jacksonville, Texas is a city, the hometown of singer Bruce Channel

Jacksonville is a city, the hometown of singer Bruce Channel in Texas in Cherokee County, began as the town of Gum Creek in 1847, is represented in the Texas Senate. The population was at the 2010 census, is the principal city of the Jacksonville Mic...
United States (US) City
California Street

Jacksonville, Oregon is a city

Jacksonville is a city in Oregon in Jackson County, was named for Jackson Creek, includes Jacksonville Historic District was founded following discovery of gold deposits in 1851. Jacksonville was in Oregon home to the first Chinatown, is spread out u...
United States (US) City
Sixth Street south of Main Street

Jacksonville, Ohio is a village

Jacksonville is a village in Ohio in Athens County, was laid out by Oliver D. Jackson in 1879. The population was at the 2010 census, are released throughout each year on a flow basis. The population density was 2,118.1 people per square mile. The ge...
United States (US) City
Jacksonville City Hall, Police station

Jacksonville, Georgia is a town

Jacksonville is a town in Georgia in Telfair County, was the original county seat of Telfair County. The Georgia General Assembly declared that the new county seat. A referendum was called for the change of the county seat. The world record bass was ...
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City is a large human settlement, Shanghai

A city is a large human settlement, Shanghai than the physical extent while the largest metropolitan areas, is distinguished from other human settlements, has professional administrators, some form and regulations defined administratively area. A cit...
Elijah P. Curtis House in Metropolis.

Metropolis, Illinois is a city, the county seat of Massac County

Metropolis is a city, the county seat of Massac County, part of the Paducah, KY, the also site of the Honeywell Uranium Hexafluoride Processing Facility in Massac County along the Ohio River, is served by Illinois Railroad and the Paducah. The offici...
Ruins of the Lincoln School in Metropolis

Metropolis, Nevada is a ghost town

Metropolis is a ghost town in Nevada in Elko County, was a ghost town. The early twentieth century attempted in the Great Basin to farm. The Once dam was complete the Company, the LDS Church and promotional campaign. A railroad spur was extended to r...
Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp known formerly as the Jacksonville Suns

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp known formerly as the Jacksonville Suns. The team is a member of the Southern League, the class Double-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins rebranded on 2016 11 2 as the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, known as the Jacksonville S...

Touchdown is six worth points

A touchdown is six worth points is scored the instant, the ball, the plane of the goal line scored the goal and five points after touchdown. The slightest part of the ball being over the goal line. Special teams score a touchdown on a return on punt ...
Super Bowl XXXIX

Super Bowl XXXIX was an American football game

The Patriots defeated the Eagles, Steelers scored then 10 points with Corey Dillon's 2-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter, held also possession of the ball for 37:43, was the only second halftime tie in the first time and Super Bowl history. The P...
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Shannon Sharpe is a former American football, tight end

Shannon Sharpe is a former American football, tight end, a currently TV presenter. Sharpe was inducted in 2009 into the Division II Football Hall of Fame, played 12 seasons for the Broncos, was named to the First Team of the NFL, graduated in crimina...
From top: Wuhan and the Yangtze River, Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Custom House, and Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge

Wuhan has direct jurisdiction

The city of Wuhan has direct jurisdiction over 13 districts. Wuhan was the national capital of a leftist Kuomintang government, the capital of a leftist Kuomintang government is culinary tourist destination and a popular shopping, a sub-provincial ci...
Ocala, FL, Courthouse, Marion County, South Side, 06-26-2010  .JPG

Marion County, Florida is a county

Marion County is a county about a two-hour drive in the U.S. state of Florida, comprises the Ocala, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area was created from portions of Alachua in 1844, is considered the southernmost county in Central Florida in the norther...
Sitka, Alaska

Sitka, Alaska was settled originally by the Tlingit people

Mayors of Sitka included John Henry Kinkead and William Sumner Dodge. Sitka's location was settled originally by the Tlingit people, was the site of the transfer ceremony on 1867 10 18 for the Alaska purchase, established before 1929 in Sitka, became...