Topography is the study of the shape

Topography is the study of the shape involves the recording of relief has been applied to different science fields. The older sense of topography has still currency in Europe. Modern usage involves generation of elevation data in digital form. Detail...
US Navy 110528-N-DR144-351 The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Gridley   is underway as part of Carrier Strike Group

Surigao Strait is a strait

Surigao Strait is a strait between the Leyte Gulf and the Bohol Sea in the southern Philippines.
View to Kufstein Fortress and Brandenberg Alps

Kufstein is a town

Kufstein is a town in the administrative seat of Kufstein District in the Austria n state of Tyrol, has two exits along the A12 motorway, passed in 1342 to the County of Tyrol. Geography is located on the river Inn in the Tyrolean Unterland region. N...

Korsholm is a municipality of Finland

Korsholm is a municipality of Finland has relatively little industry, a history is losing inhabitants. The town of Vaasa was founded in 1606 in Korsholm parish. Geography is located in the province of Western Finland. Parts of the archipelago belong ...

Morrano is a village

Morrano is a village in the northwest comarca of Somontano in the municipality of Bierge.
Flag of Ituverava

Ituverava is a city

Geography is located with an altitude of 605 meters in the north region of São Paulo state. The economy has advanced service sector and a strong trade. The town was founded in the beginning of the 19th century. ...
Eglise d

Ornex is a commune

Ornex is a commune in eastern France in the Ain department.
Sahy guildhall

Šahy is a town

Šahy is a town in The town in southern Slovakia.
Kaprun aerial view

Kaprun is a municipality

Geography is located on the northern slopes of the Alpine Glockner Group in the historic Pinzgau region. The foot of the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier is a year-round sports centre. The Kapruner Ache creek joins the Salzach River of the settlement. The reser...
A view of Utelle from a nearby hillside

Utelle is a commune

Utelle is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department about northeast of Nice.
Conches-en-Ouche Eglise Sainte-Foy

Conches-en-Ouche is a commune

Conches-en-Ouches is a commune in northern France in the Eure département. Geography is located by southwest of Évreux by the Rouloir river. Victor-Amédée Barbié du Bocage died de Quenet in the Château. ...
Coat of arms of Trave-Land

Trave-Land is an Amt

Trave-Land is an Amt in Schleswig-Holstein in the district of Segeberg.

Saqqaq is a settlement

Saqqaq is a settlement, in western Greenland in the Qaasuitsup municipality. The village's Kalaallisut name is a translation of the Danish meaning, the site name for the Saqqaq culture. Geography is located on the northern shore of Sullorsuaq Strait ...
Windmill in Malchow

Malchow is a municipality

Malchow is a municipality in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district.
2005 panoramic view

Todtnau is a town

Todtnau is a town in Baden-Württemberg in the district of Lörrach.
View of Alfarnate

Alfarnate is a small village

Alfarnate is a small village in Andalusia in the province of Málaga, is situated in the comarca of Axarquía, is characterized usually as a town of Axarquia. Geography is located in the northern province, has formations of dolomites. The Neolithic p...
Aerial photography: Battonya - Temple

Battonya is a town

Battonya is a town in the Southern Great Plain region of south-east Hungary in Békés county. Geography covers an area of 145.77 km ², a population of 5960 people. The Ottoman occupation was part of the Austrian monarchy, province of Hungary. The p...
Ludmannsdorf, Pfarrkirche St. Jakob foto5 2011-07-23 10.57

Ludmannsdorf is a town

Ludmannsdorf is a town in the Austria n state of Carinthia in the district of Klagenfurt-Land.
A general view of Miglos

Miglos is a commune

Miglos is a commune in southwestern France in the Ariège department.
Burma Shan locator map.png

Kutkai Township is a township of Muse District

Kutkai Township is a township of Muse District in the Shan State of eastern Burma. Geography shares the border, the borders with Muse Township with Laukkai Township a.k.a. Laukkaing Township of Laukkaing District, was formed with 640 villages and 75 ...
Lemberk Castle

Lemberk Castle is a castle

Lemberk Castle is a castle near the town of Jablonné in the Lusatian Mountains of the Czech Republic.
The village of Vallica, overlooked by Monte Padro

Vallica is a commune

Vallica is a commune on the island of Corsica in the Haute-Corse department of France.
An aerial view of La Baume

La Baume is a commune

La Baume is a commune in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in the Haute-Savoie department.
Prades Manor in Lafox

Lafox is a commune

Lafox is a commune in south-western France in the Lot-et-Garonne department.
Skyline of Village of Baker-Brook

Baker-Brook, New Brunswick is a village

Baker-Brook is a village in New Brunswick in Madawaska County. Geography is located on 20 kilometres west of Edmundston on the Saint John River. The village takes name from 19th-century sawmill businessman John Baker. The local Roman Catholic church ...
Location within the state of Texas

Luckenbach, Texas is an unincorporated community, thirteen miles

Luckenbach is an unincorporated community, thirteen miles in southeastern Gillespie County from Fredericksburg, is known for country music as a venue, was the setting. Geography consists of between Snail Creek and South Grape Creek. The Texas Legisla...
Datong, Yilan

Datong, Yilan is a mountain, indigenous township

Datong Township is a mountain, indigenous township, the second largest township in Taiwan in the southwestern part of Yilan County. Geography is populated predominantly by Taiwanese aborigines of the Atayal Tribe. The township is dominated by wide ri...
Seixal - Porto Moniz

Seixal Porto Moniz is a civil parish

Seixal is a civil parish in the Portuguese island of Madeira in the municipality of Porto Moniz. Geography is located on the border on the eastern frontier of Porto Moniz. ...
Nan'ao, Yilan

Nan'ao, Yilan is a mountain, indigenous township

The southern part of Yilan County is a mountain, indigenous township, the largest township in Taiwan in the southern part of Yilan County. The township was the site of the Sayun incident during Japanese rule. Geography has a significant population of...
Castelnovo monti

Castelnovo ne' Monti is comune and a town

Village and every other town is an approved area also home to the only hospital for the production of Parmesan cheese. Geography is situated in the Reggiano Apennines mountains. Castelnovo is known best for the Pietra di Bismantova, is connected by a...
The Glorieta of Manzanillo

Manzanillo, Cuba is city and a municipality

Manzanillo is city and a municipality, in the Granma Province of Cuba, was founded in 1784, was the site of four battles during the Spanish American War. Geography is a port city in eastern Cuba in the Granma Province, is limited by the coral reef s ...
Aeroporto da Madeira5.JPG

Santa Cruz, Madeira is a municipality, a city and a parish

Santa Cruz is a municipality, a city and a parish, the most second populous municipality behind Funchal. Geography is located southeast of Santana, southwest of Machico. Urban sprawl extends while the eastern part of municipality along Santa Cruz's w...
Chocolate (color)

Chocolate color is a tone

The word chocolate entered the English language from Spanish. Santamaria gives a derivation from Maya word from the Yucatec. Wichmann and More recently Dakin derive this term from Eastern Nahuatl from another Nahuatl term. Geography are located in th...