Aby Warburg

Aby Warburg known as Aby Warburg

Warburg grew up the eldest son in a devoutly wealthy Jewish banking family in a conservative Jewish home environment, reacted against the religious rituals, continued studies, work with Hubert Janitschek in Munich, introduced into a new method into a...
Cashmere wool

Cashmere wool known usually simply as cashmere

The word cashmere is an old spelling of the Kashmir, northernmost geographical region of South Asia. The United States was an incubator for the cashmere wool industry, had the first power. Such wool product does contain not more with average diameter...
Island Scrub Jay Aphelocoma insularis

Island scrub jay is a bird

The island is a nature reserve, the 24 eastern % with over 10000 years of American Indian habitation in cultural history.

List of loanwords in Indonesian has absorbed many loanwords

The Indonesian language has absorbed many loanword s from other languages, is a West, Germanic language. Still other words taken into modern English, are borrowed either directly from India, be traced to the Dutch language. The Dutch adaptation of th...