BAT used in Windows batch files and DOS

Baby-AT computer case form factor abbreviated rarely to BAT. Block Address Translation registers in PowerPC microprocessors. British American Tobacco based in medicine and England Science in London. Burst Alert Telescope used on the Swift Gamma-Ray B...

Stick used in the sport of hockey

Joystick used commonly for large machinery and aircraft for video games. Stick used for corporal punishment, directed by Darrell Roodt. ...
School in Hunt

Hunt, Texas is an unincorporated community

Hunt is an unincorporated community in Texas in western Kerr County, sits at the confluence of the North, was named for Alvie Joy for the friend of the founder. The Stonehenge II replica was built on the North Fork north of Hunt on the North Fork nor...

Murray Bridge, South Australia is a city, the Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge is a city, the Murray Bridge, Amateur Swim Club, the also home of the Murray Bridge, Club, District Table Tennis Association and Murray Bridge, the 24-hour Australian International Pedal Prix race, in located east-southeast of the state in the Australia n state of South Australia.
East Lake Golf Club is located in the US

Tour Championship is a golf tournament

The Tour Championship is a golf tournament was won while Vijay Singh by Camilo Villegas. The event alternated in East Lake Golf Club and Houston between Champions Golf Club. Phil Mickelson won The Tour Championship while Tiger Woods. • ends in 2013...
Morda Crossroads - - 51722

Morda is a village

Morda United Football Club is a football team with a big history from Shropshire.
Mercantile Rowing Club

Mercantile Rowing Club is based in Australia in Melbourne

The Mercantile Rowing Club is based in Australia in Melbourne, was founded in 1880. 30 Mercantillians have represented Australia at Olympic Games. The club was named initially The Junior Warehouseman's Rowing Club, name was established at a time, was...
Mapa Regiao Sul do Brasil  .PNG

Charrua Rugby Clube is a Brazilian rugby union club

Charrua Rugby Clube is a Brazilian rugby union club from Rio Grande from the city of Porto Alegre. Mauro Croitor and Nilson Taminato led by Mauro Croitor and Nilson Taminato, was against the first Charrua try and Desterro. The Club is affiliated to t...