Clockwise from top: Downtown Chicago, the Chicago Theatre, the

Chicago is the third-most populous city, the principal city

Chicago is the third-most populous city, the principal city, the longest continuous urban street, ,, the headquarters of several religious denominations, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Evangelical Covenant Church, the seat of several diocese...
United States (US) City

City is a large human settlement, Shanghai

A city is a large human settlement, Shanghai than the physical extent while the largest metropolitan areas, is distinguished from other human settlements, has professional administrators, some form and regulations defined administratively area. A cit...

Port is a location, a port

A port is a location, a port, Port Said, the Port of Melbourne on a navigable lake on shore and a coast, handle one particular type of cargo. Ports are rarer the vehicles, par excellence for transactions, have often cargo, customs facilities were imp...
Elijah P. Curtis House in Metropolis.

Metropolis, Illinois is a city, the county seat of Massac County

Metropolis is a city, the county seat of Massac County, part of the Paducah, KY, the also site of the Honeywell Uranium Hexafluoride Processing Facility in Massac County along the Ohio River, is served by Illinois Railroad and the Paducah. The offici...
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Port, Switzerland is a municipality

Port is a municipality in Switzerland in the canton of Bern, is mentioned first as Port in 1228, became has an area, a population. Port had an unemployment rate of 2.57 % have completed 22.2 % and non-mandatory upper secondary education. The remains ...
Ruins of the Lincoln School in Metropolis

Metropolis, Nevada is a ghost town

Metropolis is a ghost town in Nevada in Elko County, was a ghost town. The early twentieth century attempted in the Great Basin to farm. The Once dam was complete the Company, the LDS Church and promotional campaign. A railroad spur was extended to r...

Port, Oklahoma is a small rural community

Port is a small rural community in Oklahoma in Washita County, have been throughout 2017, apologize for any inconvenience. The community had a post office was named for Mrs. F. M. Port for a druggist. The 1930s covered the largest area in some ninety...
Sharkula in 2016

Sharkula is a Chicago

Sharkula Diarrhea of a Madman Film Website Sharkula featuring music and flyers on WTTW by the artist Chicago Reader interview Sharkula.