Origin used for the anime series

Origins published by DC Comics by Catholic News Service, running through 2007 from 2006. Origin operated by EA, published in 2002 by Marvel Comics, used for the anime series. Original equipment manufacturer manufactures products for another company's...

Root, New York is a town

Root is a town in New York in Montgomery County, was created in 1823. The population was at the 2010 census, are released throughout each year on a flow basis. The town was named for a legislator for Erastus Root, was spread out under 5.5 % with 26.7...

Source known also in The Surge and the UK as The Secret Craft

Secondary source written account of history emitting light, entertainment and sound Arts. Source published by the John Lewis Partnership, known also in The Surge and the UK as The Secret Craft, operated by NBC in 1980s and the 1970s, developed by Val...

Place based on the Cornish word

Place defined as any concentration of population, based on the Cornish word. Census-designated place lacking own municipal government. Place House remodelled largely in Fowey in the 19th century. Unity of place derived from Aristotle's Poetics Miscel...
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ROOT is library and an object-oriented program

ROOT is library and an object-oriented program was designed originally before the Standard Template Libraries for particle physics data analysis, is designed for high computing efficiency, is used mainly in most experimental plots and particle physic...
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Root, Switzerland is a municipality

Root is a municipality in the canton of Lucerne in the district of Lucerne, has an area, an unemployment rate of 2.36 %. This area is used while 27.8 % for agricultural purposes. The agricultural land is used while 3.58 % for pastures and farming. Th...

Breda is a city and a municipality, a kickboxing camp

Breda is a city and a municipality, a kickboxing camp, the also birthplace of former Olympic swimmer Karin Brienesse, the city home and the birthplace to internationally several famous electronic dance music artists in the southern part of the Netherlands.
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Sarajevo is largest city and the capital, a slavicized word

Sarajevo was 133 % of the Yugoslav average, birthplace and the also home, the also home of a very notable post-punk urban subculture, the host city of the 51st World, Military Skiing Championship from 23 different nations with over 350 participants.
Aerial view of Lausanne

Lausanne is a city, located northeast of Geneva

Lausanne is a city, located northeast of Geneva, a focus of international sport, the International Olympic Committee, the Court of Arbitration, the also home of the Béjart Ballet, the birthplace at the limit in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.
Top: Downtown Rouen and the Seine River. Middle left: Maritime museum. Centre: Le Gros-Horloge. Middle right: Gustave-Flaubert Bridge. Bottom: Rouen

Rouen is a city

Rouen was the birthplace also home to the French Grand Prix.
Castle of Vallparadís

Terrassa is a Spanish city, the site of Roman Egara

Terrassa is a Spanish city, the site of Roman Egara, a former Visigothic bishopric, a partner city of the Art nouveau network, birthplace and the home in the province of Barcelona in the east central region of Catalonia.
Top left: Toulon Opera House, Top right: Mayol Stadium  , 2nd: Panoramic view of downtown Toulon and its port, 3rd left: Place de la Liberté, 3rd ri

Toulon is the capital of the Var department

Toulon is the third-largest French city, an important centre, the also birthplace of the novel, the birthplace after Nice and Marseille on the Mediterranean coast.
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Buckinghamshire is a popular home

Buckinghamshire is, a popular home, the location of Bletchley Park, the site of World War II British codebreaking, the home of various notable people, the birthplace, place of several notable individuals in connection for London commuters.
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Niš is the third largest city, an airport

Niš is the third largest city, an airport, a home of National Theatre, the host of Nišville International Jazz music festival, the second largest city, the also meeting point, the birthplace in Serbia in the administrative center and Serbia.
A view in front of the cathedral in Tulle

Tulle is a commune,

Tulle is a commune, ,, the third-largest town, the birthplace in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in central France.